In Windows, various Linux Release versions are installed on the hard disk. Take Linux mint 14 as an example.

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Linux versions are installed on hard drives in windows at, September 28. Take Linux mint 14 as an example.

I. Preparations

1. Partition

To ensure the security of hard disk data, we recommend that you partition at the end of the hard disk. A 10-20 GB swap is used to place the system, and a swap partition of about 2 GB (The role of the swap space can be simply described as: when the physical memory of the system is insufficient, you need to release some space in the physical memory for the currently running program. -- Baidu encyclopedia)

The specific partitioning method is not detailed, and the new partition can be unformatted, because during the installation of Linux mint, there will be steps to format it into a special LINUX partition format.

We recommend that you use the partition assistant for partitioning, which is easy to use. You can also use the disks provided by the system to manage partitions. It is not difficult to use Baidu.

2. Download the Linux mint 14 image file.

Linux mint 14 download:

After entering the official website, click Download

A total of 8 images can be downloaded, such

Which of the following can be used in the download box, but I have not tried 64.

The reason why no codecs does not exist is that it does not include multimedia support. See the E text above.

That mate and cinnamon are two different desktop environments developed by Linux mint. It doesn't matter which one, because you can install another desktop environment after the system is installed, you can select when logging on.

3. download and install the software easybcd (Click here to download) and add the startup Item

Click here to download and install the package and open it,

Add new entry> neogrub> install .)



After you click Configure, a TXT document will appear. Do not touch other content. Press the Enter key at the bottom of the document and copy and paste the following section.

Title install linux

Root (hd0, 0)

Kernel (hd0, 0)/vmlinuz boot = Casper iso-Scan/filename =/linuxmint-14-mate-dvd-32bit.iso Ro quiet splash locale = zh_CN.UTF-8

Initrd (hd0, 0)/initrd. LZ

Save the document and close it.

Note: The third line, linuxmint-14-mate-dvd-32bit.iso
Change it to the name of the downloaded image. ". ISO" cannot be saved.

4. Open the downloaded image with the compression software or virtual optical drive, find the Casper folder, copy initrd. LZ and vmlinuz to drive C, and then copy the ISO to drive C. Restart after the event.

Ii. installation phase.

After the restart, you will see two options, one for Windows and the other for the startup Item you just added, that is, "install Linux ". Select install Linux.

Wait a moment and you will see the Linux mint interface. However, you have not installed it on your disk, but are just trying it out ".

To install linux mint, remember to press CTRL + ALT + T to open the terminal and enter the code: the sudo umount-L/isodevice command unmounts the drive where the disc is located. Otherwise, no partition is found on the partition interface.

Start installation. Click Install Linux mint on the desktop.

Select "Chinese" and click "Install". On the following page, select "other options". I only have two options to install it in a virtual machine. Here you should have three. The first one is to coexist with other systems ".

In any case, select the third one.

It's time to select a partition.

Pay attention to this and exercise caution to avoid data loss due to mistakes.

Select a disk with a size of 10-20 GB and click "change"

Select "logical partition" for the type of the new partition ". Windows supports four primary partitions. Generally, your laptop has an OEM partition, System Restoration partition, System Disk primary partition, and the entire logical partition. Therefore, when you select the primary partition and return to Windows, some disk software may detect errors.

You do not need to change the partition capacity. The partition is located at "start" and used for "ext4 Log File System ". Select "/" as the mount point. OK.

Select a disk of about 2 GB, and click change. If you do not need to change the disk space, change it to "swap space ". OK.

Install the boot guide device. Select your hard disk instead of your USB disk. This is generally the first one.

Click "Install now", and some time zones and user settings will appear.

After the settings are complete, we will introduce the system and install it. After the device is installed, it will restart.

After the restart, you will see the Linux mint interface. Come on, start your Linux mint journey !!

(You can find the previous article, download the "ubuntu cainiao User Manual", and compare it. Linux mint is a redevelopment version based on Ubuntu, so it is interconnected in many places, baidu can be used in different places .)

In addition, after Linux mint is installed, it will automatically identify other systems you have installed, such as Windows. You can choose to enter windows or Linux mint14 at startup.

In addition, to delete the startup Item during installation, you only need to go to window7, open easybcd, delete the menu. LST file changed during installation, and press remove.

Then, delete vmlinuz, initrd. LZ, and system ISO files from drive C.

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