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Blogs, also translated into blog posts, blogs or tribal pavilions, are Web sites that are usually managed by individuals and are not regularly posted on new articles. Articles on blogs are usually arranged in reverse order from new to old according to the posting time. Many bloggers focus on specific topics for comment or news, while others are used as a personal diary. A typical blog combines text, images, links to other blogs or websites, and other media related to the subject. It is an important element of many blogs to allow readers to leave their opinions in an interactive way. Most of the blog content is written, and there are still blogs focused on topics like art, photography, video, music, podcasts, and more. Blogs are part of social media networks.

The original name of the blog is Weblog, composed of web and log two words, literally for the network diary, and later like the word of the people who have deliberately changed the pronunciation, read we blog, from this, the word blog is created. Chinese meaning is blog or blog, however, in mainland China, people tend to blog itself and bloggers (that is, bloggers) are transliteration as "blogs." "Blog" has a deeper meaning: "bo" for "Broad", "customer" is not only "blogger" more "hospitable" meaning. People who look at blogs are "guests". In Taiwan, respectively, "blog" (or "Tribal Pavilion") and "bloggers", that the blog itself has the meaning of community groups, by blog can be a network of netizens assembled into a big blog, become another influential free media.

  There are two broad categories of ways to build a blog:

A can be in some large portals, such as Sina, Sohu, Baidu, Tencent and other free registration to apply for a person blog, the advantage is that the application is used, no need to build a station knowledge, and can instantly interact with many netizens, improve the amount of blog visits.

B is to build your own independent blog.

  The benefits of independent blogging are:

A, have their own domain name, domain name can be your name, net name or other meaningful words: Dingkee (CAN), and the Application portal blog is two or three domain name, no autonomy, this is the original intention of most people independent blog-brand assets.

b, the blog has a high degree of personalization, Portal station blog usually made some restrictions, and independent blog is my site I make the decision, you can add plug-ins to achieve certain functions, you can also arbitrarily modify the theme template blog, so that your blog unique, more outstanding.

C, blogger himself is the highest blog administrator, post blog without having to go through other people audit.

D, you can upgrade the PR value of the blog domain name, in the blog anywhere hanging ads to make money rather than like Han to work for Sina free and so on.

To build a complete independent blog, divided into three major steps: domain name, host equipment, system settings and the full content of the blog, the following one by one ways to:

  First, the system's equipped

Mainly divided into two parts: domain name, host, and blog program.

  1. Domain Name

That is, the top-level domain name, we usually encounter is usually the ears or even three-level domain names, such as (in fact, not),, Or, such a bad thing is that the domain name is too long and ownership does not belong to themselves, if any time because of the Department of temporary workers inadvertently mistakes, your decades of energy may be wasted.

To get to the point, it's best to have your own top-level domain names such as the author's, of course. NET,. org even. info. Me also all right, the key to see their preferences and blog positioning (such as the acclaimed classic case, The domain name needs to reflect the blog's taste and style, while avoiding the possible risk, a good domain name should have six basic elements: short, easy to remember, not easy to confuse with other domain names, not easy to spell wrong, with company name/trademark or core business related, try to avoid cultural conflict. can refer to the following points of view: Select the general principle of domain name choice of five points from six rooms to see domain name selection and promotion

Combined, that is to say, it is best to short has a meaning is not easy to confuse. com domain name, although can meet these conditions of the domain name may have long been famous, this will look at the creation of individuals, embodies the artistic decision-making.

  2. Host , that is, the server used to run the blog, can be divided into several types: their own servers, hosting, rental, virtual host, VPS, and so on, respectively, applicable to different types, the difference of words see the Western Digital description. Under normal circumstances, the blog, the choice of virtual host or VPS rental performance, traffic is completely enough.

After determining the domain name and host type, is to buy. In the selection of service providers, due to asymmetric information and rapid changes in the market, it is best to choose those who have good reputation, longer operating SP, can choose the domain name host with sales, of course, can also be purchased separately. Domestic mainstream has million nets, new nets, easy to host and so on, Non-mainstream has Wopus, the temple and so on, foreign godaddy,bluehost and so on, are more trustworthy. Host selection can be found in the "Independent blog host recommendation and summary."

  3. The choice of the blog program

Of course, the cow can write their own customized out, but if not enough time or technology, you can also choose the existing template framework, domestic and foreign have, common wordpress,blogger,movable type,drupal,expression Engine and so on, seemingly recently Zblog also compare fire, the most famous one on the number of Moonlight blog. The choice is mainly to consider the number of users, theme plug-in customization, community support, programming language (php,asp, etc., do not require proficiency, but better understand) and the host type of synergy.

Second, the system setup

The so-called settings, also contains two big strides: the server configuration, blog program settings.

  1. Configuration of the server

First of all, we have to understand that we already have three major components: domain names, host and blog programs, but the problem is that they are still fragmented and won't unite (unless we pack and buy together, SP can help us build), and what we're going to do now is connect them to build a complete personal blog.

Join domain name and host is called DNS, simply, DND is in our input domain name in the browser, help the reader to the domain name point to the host link. DNS can choose the domain Name Service provider's own, of course, can choose the independent DNS service provider's more professional stability, such as OpenDNS and domestic dnspod, and so on, configure the main domain A record (the domain name point to host IP) on the line, need additional functionality can also configure the CNAME and MX records, But it's not necessary.

This requires three adjustments:

(1) Domain Name Service provider where the DNS server server is set up

(2) Set up a record of the DNS service provider.

(3) Set up the bound domain name in the host service provider

  2. The blog program configuration

When you are ready, you can use the FTP software or the host's cpanel program to upload the blog program to the host root directory. At the same time prepare the host database and its account number, direct access to the domain name can start installation. See the WordPress installation process

After the installation is complete, you can click to enter dashboard to set the relevant parameters, select the theme and install the required plug-ins.

As shown in figure:

Use and tutorials can refer to Wpcourse and WordPress detailed tutorials, plug-ins, please refer to the "Best WordPress Plug-in Recommended", "20 best WordPress plug-in recommended."

It is worth noting that the novice is best not to install WordPress to host subdirectory, which is likely to cause some bugs or problems, The author is a special blog to create a directory to as a blog domain name, and then the main domain to do other things, the result of installation Wp-cache after the conflict with the theme can not comment, and finally have to reinstall, so in this advise you, build process, if not absolutely Top master words, in fact, the crowd is still right!

  Third, the content of the enrichment

Hard to build a blog, want to be able to very good development, high flow, high recognition, it is not necessarily to earn some advertising fees (there are also good ^_^), but this is also a recognition of personal efforts, this aspect of the elder brother is also a novice, but the views of the people can refer to:

1, There is a certain professional content . Content is not limited, as long as it is their favorite, hobbies can write the aspects of the article can be. To continue to carry out the original update, to be appropriate publicity, can continue to accumulate users continue to develop.

2, Pass the test of time . Famous blog is tested by time, adhere to the first article about three or four years, your blog will have a lot of people to visit, but also to make many friends. But most people can't keep writing.

Of course, after the article is well written, it is not a sin to consider making some extra money, the following is a possible profit model:

The first: The most popular one-advertising alliance

The second type: advertisers

The third type: selling links

Fourth: Promote the product (also called the Product blog marketing)

Fifth: Soft-text services (also called Soft Bulletin, implantable advertising)

In addition, immersed in hard work at the same time, consider SEO common skills, or will achieve a multiplier effect, after all, write out no one to see is a little setback.

Source: Submission, Author: Steven, Peking University, links to the original text.

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