Indie games are getting easier: Unity releases its newest game engine, Unity 5, and still has a free version

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It's becoming easier for independent developers to develop games, because many of the thankless work in game design can be solved directly using game engines like Epic games or Unity Technologies. These days, the game engine has announced that its products will be cheaper or even free of charge to the game developers, the threshold for the development of the game is further reduced.

First Epic Games announced its Unreal Engine 4 (Unreal Engine 4) from its official blog in Monday and is available to all developers for free today. Only when developers use Unreal Engine 4 to make a game with a quarterly revenue of more than $3000 will need to pay Epic games a share, the standard is more than 3000 dollars that part of the 5%. The Unreal Engine 4 slashed its monthly fee to $19 last year, and this year the last hurdle was canceled.

Another game engine provider, Unity Technologies, released its newest unity 5 engine at GDC developers Conference, the Game Developers Conference, the world's largest game developers conference.

Unity 5 has better image processing performance than previous generations and is on-line with the Unity Cloud Build feature, enabling developers to improve development efficiency through cloud computing. Unity 5 and Unreal Engine 4 also offer a free-to-use personal version, but Unity does not rely on developers to earn revenue, but instead offers a one-month Pro version of $75.

Unity CEO John Riccitiello, in an interview with Re/code, promised that the free version of Unity 5 would not be "water" like the free version of the previous generation of Unity 4, but would have full engine and editor functionality. The main feature upgrade of the Pro version is the accessibility features such as Cloud Build.

What is the collective "price reduction" of game engine manufacturers? In fact, it is the threshold of game development is more and more low, independent developers more and more, more and more diversified market. For these engines, it is more important to frame a larger number of game developers, especially the large number of independent developers who have no money and no resources, than to charge that little monthly fee. What if one of them fires?

Indie games are getting easier: Unity releases its newest game engine, Unity 5, and still has the free version (GO)

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