Individual can no longer register CN domain name registered users will be subject to review

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Registered 13 million users will be subject to review

CNNIC (China Internet Information Center) out of the new rules, from 9 o'clock yesterday, want to register the Internet domain name users, online submission of applications, but also need to submit a business license, including three written application materials. This means that the individual user registers ". CN "Domain name of the door closed.

The industry believes CNNIC's move is a response to CCTV's previous track report on internet pornography. In the report, CCTV revealed that some unscrupulous people can easily through the application of domain name to open pornographic sites, leading to the elimination of the root of pornography. Industry insiders said, although this personal registration · CN domain name is rejected, but the international domain name can still register, what is the significance? Telecommunications expert Fu Liang that the radical treatment of pornographic sites, the implementation of the real name System and the appropriate audit, retrospective mechanism, under the premise of increased illegal costs is more important.

“. CN "domain name" dye Yellow "

Domain name Low-cost use of the cost and mobile phone pornography site profiteering, so frequent replacement of domain names, to replace the "resurrection" become possible. December 9 Night, by CCTV exposure, a pornographic mobile phone site, there are 30 ". CN "Domain name, registration data are all false information.

According to a suspect Zheng said, after sealing off a website, by changing other domain name can soon let WAP site Resurrection, restart the station. And these domains all point to the yellow website. Zheng MoU confessed, registered more than 30 domain name is through the big Huang Net and the name Rich Net carries on the registration. Great Huang Customer service for its own fabricated data register domain name, and I do not know the domain name information owner who is.

Fu Liang said that the low use of domain name cost and mobile phone pornography site profiteering, let ". CN "domain name is gradually" dyed yellow ", and the domain name is innocently become the root of rampant pornography website.

Tens of thousands of users are subject to review

Currently, registered. The number of users in CN is 13 million, and all users will be subject to review.

To the individual has been registered. CN domain Name, will also be in this review of the storm was blocked. CNNIC deputy director Liuzhijiang said, "will not hastily shut down the registered domain name." ”

"For legitimate use of the site, we will not be hastily closed." If the information is inaccurate, to stop the domain name resolution, CNNIC will contact with the user in advance, and give it sufficient time to modify the perfect. "CNNIC deputy director Liuzhijiang said.

It is understood that CNNIC will be the renovation of the application and the new application of the domain name of two large users. Users who have applied for domain names will focus on whether the sites referred to in these domain names are yellow or otherwise illegal. and the new application domain name user, then requests the user to submit the written application material and requests the domain name registration service organization to strengthen the audit

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