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The afternoon sun poured into the room, warm with a little lazy, half lying on the floor of the sun on the meditation, this scene is really pleasant natural. Many photographers like to shoot such indoor environment portrait works, feminine temperament and loose warm light combined into a very perfect picture, today small set brings is such a group of tutorials, from the west of the picture of the Interior Environment portrait PS Palette Tutorial.

  1. Contrast diagram and original analysis

Original image analysis: The primary film has been very good picture of the light sense of the show, the model charming lazy feeling is also interpreted in place, but the screen tone is dull, let people see after no sun shines, clean and transparent feeling.

Solution: Strengthen the picture of the sun, the tone positioning in a very feminine purple tendency.

Effect diagram: basically achieve the effect.

 2. Adjust the tone to make light sense

Create a new blank layer, pull down the white to transparent gradient, simulate the sunlight scattering into the faint of the feeling of the room.

Create a new blank layer, smear with a white brush tool, wipe out a ray of sunlight, reduce transparency to 49%, and change the layer overlay mode to lighten.

 3. Optional color fine-tuning

New optional color, adjustable red: Cyan +6, magenta 0, Yellow +20, Black-17.

Then adjust the yellow: Cyan +8, magenta-8, yellow-23, black-5.

  4. Local Highlight model body

New curve adjustment layer, overall light. Then cover the rest of the screen on the mask, allowing the layer effect on the face skin and body skin of the model. This step is to make the model's skin whiter and brighter, with a more sunny sense. Here the whole picture of the basic tone relationship adjustment is almost, the following will be some color adjustment.

  5. Color balance lays the tone

This step applies color balance in order to probably determine the direction of a color, so that the picture has a general tendency. I choose a little bit of purple, appear more mysterious and charming. Color balance values: midtones, cyan +24, magenta +2, yellow +17. The effect of the picture, as shown, has some tendencies.

  6. Adjust the color order more lively

The color is already feeling. However, the picture is still a little gray, so use the color level to increase the contrast, so that the screen more lively, visual will be more engaging. New color level adjustment layer, the histogram in the black field pulled to the pixel, you can see the obvious changes in the picture.

  7. Fine adjustment of color

Now we need to make more subtle adjustments to the existing color feel, new curve adjustment layer, and channel adjustment, as shown. Then adjust the scope of the mask to cover the position you don't want to overwrite.

Again new adjustment curve, focus on adjusting the green channel, the effect of the picture, pull out the color you want! Then wipe the mask and wipe out the parts individually, reducing the transparency.

  8. Add logo watermark

Finally add their favorite logo, reduce the point of transparency, do not let the logo too conspicuous, rob the thunder of the photos Oh. Now it's done. Of course, the details of each picture are different, all the above values are for reference only.

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 339853166 welcome you to join

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