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About last week, a netizen mentioned that indow.ue merchants have VPS host products that provide data centers in Singapore, at that time, the old left simply used the official test IP address PING and MTR tracking route to see the speed is still relatively good. In fact, indow.ue merchants have two machine rooms, one is not optimizing the general line (Budget Singapore ssd vps), and the other is optimizing the line (Premium Singapore ssd vps ).


I have also consulted other netizens. For example, P always mentioned that the Singapore optimization line is actually a data center with OneAsiaHost, and I have been in touch with OAH machines before, the deep impression is that the quarterly payment of 12 US dollars, but it has never been out of stock, followed by the MB memory solution paid 7 US dollars a month, compared with the IndoVirtue merchants mentioned this time, MB only requires 7 US dollars ($5 for normal lines ).


Reminder: indow.ue merchants were founded in 2013. So far, there have not been many users who have used this store, therefore, if we choose this business, we should pay attention to the stability of performance and data backup.


1. IndoVirtue optimized line scheme


  • CPU: 1 Core

  • Memory: 512 MB

  • Hard disk: 10 GB SSD

  • Traffic: 400 GB

  • IP address count: 1 independent IP address

  • Bandwidth: 1000 Mbps

  • Architecture: OpenVZ

  • Price: $7.00/month (purchase)

  • CPU: 2 cores

  • Memory: 1024 MB

  • Hard disk: 20 GB SSD

  • Traffic: 700 GB

  • IP address count: 1 independent IP address

  • Bandwidth: 1000 Mbps

  • Architecture: OpenVZ

  • Price: $14.00/month (purchase)


IndoVirtue adopts the full-month billing system. If the payment is made before the 20th day, the remaining days of the month will be billed and converted. If the payment exceeds the 20th day, the fee will be calculated together to the next month. IndoVirtue is strictly prohibited for SPAM or other adverse uses.


2. IndoVirtue test IP address


The code is as follows: Copy code

Optimized line:
Common line:
IP address of the machine purchased from the left:


This is not to experience the authenticity of the machine, Old Left also started a month to optimize the line of the machine, the above is the test IP address expires by the end of the month, the following test data parameters are based on my machine.


Third, IndoVirtue Ping speed test



Fourth, IndoVirtue IO, memory, hard disk parameters



Fifth, random network node download test



Sixth, IndoVirtue intuitive route tracing line



7. Indow.ue UnixBench test



In summary, the above is the old left for the new indow.ue host provider OPENVZ optimized line Singapore VPS host experience, from the PING speed, it is better to watch the video around kbps, it is a data center with OAH. This service provider has strict requirements and cannot be used for resource abuse. This is the first contact, but it has been introduced for a long time by Zhao Rong. If you have used it, you can leave a message for reference.

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