Industrial camera Development Parade, a visual feast

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Machine vision, industrial camera, to the camera requirements are diverse, in order to commemorate this great log, decided bar Layer Waves Classic camera configuration one by one display by reading, welcome you master shoot brick, communication, common improvement, bit domestic visual image industry to do their own power!

Some images from the Internet, respecting the original

By reading camera list

OV7670, OV7725, OV9650, OV9655, OV9653, OV5642, OV5640, OV5620, OV3460, OV2640, OV2643, OV2722, OV2740

mt9t001, mt9m001, mt9p031, mt9p001, mt9v032, mt9v034, mt9d112, mt9d111, mt9m111, mt9f002, mt9f001, AR0330

PAL Camera: Type 7030 600-wire trigger, type 8330 800-wire trigger,

Surface array, line array ccd:tcd1209, TSL1401, TCD1304, TCD1501, TCD1208, etc.

Camera resolution: 30W, 40W, 130W, 200W, 300W, 500W, 1400W

Camera data stream Format: YUV, RGB, RAW

Shutter mode: Electronic rolling shutter, global shutter

Color: Grayscale, True Color

Imaging area: 1/2 "1/3" 1/2.5 "1/4" 1/6 "

Sensitivity: 0.9V/LX to 4.8V/LX

One, Isensor App Kit

Speaking of camera development, have to mention Isensor App Kit, have it, can freely debug various types of sensor, this is its name reason

1. Module overview

The Isensor application kit consists of a master controller board and Computer application program, the main control board is connected to the camera being tested or applied, The Control Panel provides 3.3v power to the camera, configures the initialization parameters for the camera through the IIC bus, transmits the image data to the computer software through the high-speed interface, and displays the software, which supports a variety of image stream formats, supports the original image preservation function, and simple image processing test. Flexible features that support multiple cameras are achieved by choosing to load different profiles.

Currently supported: USB2.0 High speed and USB3.0 overspeed transfer mode

2. Features

L Support Data stream format: RAW, YUV, RGB565

L RAW Format sequence configurable: GRBG bggr RGGB GBRG

L YUV Format sequence configurable: UYVY vyuy yuyv Yvyu

L RAW Format image support: Up-down, left-right inverted

L Camera Pixel support: 30w-500w (all tested, widescreen supported)

L Camera Register Configuration interface: IIC

L Camera Data interface: DVP 8bit (MIPI camera can be connected via adapter board)

L Video Real-time display (acquisition frame rate up to 200fps, status bar real-time display frame rate)

L Video display image supports arbitrary scaling (long width size can be set freely, especially effective for camera resolution greater than display resolution)

L BMP Original Image preservation function, Save as BMP 24bpp original image file.

L Basic algorithm integration (binary processing, grayscale image processing, real-time observation of images)

L Camera configuration file, dynamic loading, register configuration real-time configurable (can modify the exposure time register, white balance, gain, contrast pair, frame rate and other parameters in real time)

The status bar displays the respective operation status, information tips

3. Application fields

L Camera Batch Test

L Acquisition Effect test

L Image recognition two times development

L Image Acquisition two times development

L Camera Drive Test

4. Currently tested sensor

L All of the above sensor

L Other sensor is still easy to support, reference template modification configuration can be

The following is a promotional poster for the product.

One more test.

Ii. display of each section sensor and its indicators

1, mt9v034, mt9v032 Global Camera (Outstanding features: Wide dynamic, global shutter, high sensitivity)

2, mt9m001

Features: High sensitivity, high contrast, infrared

Photo effect

2, mt9p031

Features: High sensitivity, high resolution 500w

Photo effect

3, OV5620

Photo effect

4, ov9655,ov9650

5, OV3640 OV2640 mt9d112

Look at ov2640,200w pixels first you can find the sensor configuration register address is 0x60, the register format is address 8bit, data 8bit, format and ov7725 consistent, so according to ov7725 configuration file template, Paste the 2640 configuration register into the new profile, and after the load is successful, click Start acquisition:

1, the format is: YUV

2. Resolution: 800*600

Through the acquisition can be observed: This event frame rate of 28.7fps, the bandwidth of about 28.7M/S

Similarly start testing ov3640 3640 is 300w pixels, according to the above pattern,

First can find the sensor configuration register address is 0x78, the register format is address 16bit, data 8bit, format and ov5642 consistent, so according to ov5642 profile template, paste 3640 configuration register into the new configuration file, after loading successfully, Click Start Acquisition:

1, the format is: YUV

2. Resolution: 640*480

Similarly mt9d112

1600*1200 (YUV)

mt9d112 (800*600 YUV)

(640*480 mt9d112)

(mt9d112 320*240 QVGA YUV)

Through the mt9d112 configuration can be seen, the resolution is reduced, the sharpness gradually reduced.

(ov5642 500w 2592*1944 Raw)

Iv. Quick photo shoot (snap free fall)

Five, high-speed transmission test

Other Test pictures

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Industrial camera Development Parade, a visual feast

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