Information, material and exchange of ERP systems

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Information: Human perception of the objective world;

Material: The basis of human survival;

Exchange: Human social division of labor, ability to expand the foundation.

For human beings, information is the first, because you must know that matter can use matter and exchange it, the exchange of modern society is mediated by money, and ultimately involves the exchange of things, where things can be either virtual or physical, also including information itself;

In fact, ERP is often said three streams: information flow, logistics and capital flow, in today's society, the flow of information and capital flows has been very convenient, the flow of goods itself is very limited. In fact, in the ERP system, the three are in the form of digital data (physical flow can only be carried out outside the system). Therefore, whether the development of a society or not, the development of information is the first place. The Internet and the development of the IoT have greatly facilitated the development of information. Therefore ERP system must adapt to this kind of development demand, the traditional local area network or the WAN mode ERP system, must adapt to the Internet, the IoT needs. Only by allowing enterprises to enter the modern powerful information network in order to win a better competitiveness.

The nature of the traffic we are talking about is the quality and quantity of the information. This is why bat can become a big company, and more than the traditional entity enterprises greater root cause, so the traditional enterprises must recognize the value of this information, it is possible in the Internet + and Industry 4.0 times to achieve better development!

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Information, material and exchange of ERP systems

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