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When we are downloading a piece of text from the Internet, when we open the edit using Word or WPS, we often find that many documents are too empty, leaving the document long and the number of pages high. In fact, we can remove the extra blank lines in the document by means of "empty line substitution", as follows:

1. On the Word Edit menu, open the Find and Replace dialog box, enter "^p" in "^p^p" in "Find what", and then choose Replace All, which removes the extra blank lines caused by the line breaks in the document, but there are some empty lines that can't be removed, You need to use the other methods below.

2. For manual line breaks ("shift+ carriage returns") in the document, replace it with "^l^l" instead of "^l" (not 1, but the L-letter lowercase) or "special characters" directly in the Replace dialog box, with a "manual line break" in the selection. You can also remove some extra blank lines from your document.

3. For automatic and manual line break alternates, you can replace the "^p ^l" with "^l" or "^l ^p" with "^l" or remove some extra blank lines in the document.

The above three methods can remove most of the blank lines in the document, and if there is a blank line left, you might want to try again with the following methods.

4. Replace "^l" with "^l ^l" (Note that there is a space between the two newline characters), which is used against line breaks preceded by a space.

These are my personal personal experiences when using Word for your reference during use.

5. For WPS, you can use the simplest and quickest way to empty a line. Prerequisite: You must use the WPS2009 Professional Edition (downloadable online and with activation code) without this feature.

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