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Recently, in the process of learning Excel2007, it has been found that inserting headers and footers into Excel2007 is more convenient and intuitive than previous versions.

I'm sure that when you insert headers and footers in some previous versions of Excel, the dialog box for inserting headers and footers as shown in Figure 1 must be familiar.

Figure 1

In Excel2003, for example, inserting headers and footers in them requires the dialog above, which is cumbersome, and does not visually see the headers and footers inserted, and the headers and footers will be visible without a print preview.

This feature has been improved by Excel2007. There are several ways to insert headers and footers in Excel2007: First, switch to the Insert tab menu, click the Header and Footer button (previous version, insert header and Footer menu items under View), and then click the Page View button on the right side of the status bar to switch to Page view. The header and footer positions in Page view can be inserted into headers and footers. ...... Methods, but these two are conventional and simple methods. See Figure 2:

Figure 2

Insert headers and footers in the page view of Excel2007, insert and set directly, easy to visualize. The commands on the dialog box for inserting headers and footers in previous versions are placed on the Menu tab bar without having to be set in the dialog box first and then "OK", which saves a lot of steps and is intuitive. To be prompt, the first time you use a method that switches to Page view may not display the menu tab bar for inserting headers and footers, click Header and Footer tools or design on the Menu tab bar. Figure 3 shows the page view when you insert headers and footers.

Figure 3

If you don't want to take space for headers and footers when you use Page view, you can use the mouse to click the boundaries of a space to "hide spaces," and then click Show Spaces to display a space that edits headers and footers. See Figure 4:

  Computer Tutorials Figure 4

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