Install and configure GitHub on Ubuntu, and GitHub easy to use

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GitHub programming

Brief introduction:

Using Git to manage your code

I. Installation of GitHub on Ubuntu


Sudoapt-get Update

Sudoapt-get Install git

Two. Configure your GitHub


Set up:

Gitconfig--global "Your name"

Gitconfig--global "Your Email"



Modified: (file. Gitconfig is a hidden file)


Upload the public key "temporarily do not know what use." 】

Three. Basic methods of use of GitHub

1. Initialize Warehouse

Gitinit # #重新初始化Git仓库地址.

2. Upload files to local warehouse

Gitadd <filename>

3. Submit to local Warehouse

Gitcommit-m "< notes for some information >"

4. Submit to the server on the GitHub

Gitremote Add origin "<github address >"

Note: If previous comments have been created origin, delete them first. Type of error: Fatal:remote origin already exists.

Commend:gitremote RM Origin

5. Push the file to the GitHub server

Gitremote-u Origin Master

Note: If all local files are inconsistent with the original files on the GitHub, the error is not uniform.

Type of error: Permissiondenied (publickey). Fatal:could not read from remote respository



Gitclone <githun Warehouse Address >

Local Code update push

1. Automatic Commit Change file


2. Update to remote

Gitpush Origin Master

3. Show Current Branch


4. Create Branch < Create a named new-feature>

Gitbranch new-feature

5. Commit the update file to the local git


Gitadd demo.php

Gitcommit-a-M "Update message"

6. Merge to remote git server

Gitpush Origin New-feature

7. And when the branch new-feature mature, it can be merged into the master branch

Gitbranch Master

Gitmerge new-feature


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