Install and set Tor and foxproxy in 10.04

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Medium 10.04
Install and set Tor and foxproxy

First talk about Tor Installation
1. Sources for adding a Tor
$ Sudo gedit/etc/APT/sources. List
After opening, add at the bottom:

Deb etch main
Deb-Src (etch main)

$ Sudo apt-Get update

W: GPG signature verification error:
Etch release: The following signature cannot be verified because there is no public key: no_pubkey cff71cb3afa44bdd
Note: When no_pubkey is followed by a random number, the last eight digits of the value are required in the next step. Do not make a mistake.

2. Add a Public Key

$ GPG -- keyserver -- Recv
(Afa44bdd is the last 8 digits)

$ GPG -- export -- armor afa44bdd | sudo
Apt-key add-

OK should be prompted

3. Update the source and install tor

$ Sudo apt-Get update
This time should have been completed normally.

However, you cannot directly install tor because a package is missing.
Manually download and install

$ Sudo apt-Get install tor Privoxy
$ Sudo apt-Get install Vidalia

Vidalia is a Tor graphics control tool, which is very convenient. The software is in the 10.04 source.


Send an email with the subject and content in plain text get Bridges
Automatic reply without waiting for long
You can obtain the bridge address in the reply.

In validia, click "Settings-> network", select my ISP to block the TOR connection, and copy the data in the email below. IP only: port.
The validia icon turns green (that is, the small onion)

Install autoproxy
Https:// Q = autoproxy & cat = All & lver = any & Atype = 0 & sort = & pid = 1 & PP = 20 & lup = & advanced =
Or search for autoproxy in the

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