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Sysman's latest computer configuration: Dell's 9100 desktop, Pentium D 830 dual-core processor, 2 GB memory, two SATA hard disks, 19 inch LCD display. In this case, he does not hesitate to choose the latest 64-bit Windows XP to serve himself.

Get Windows XP x64 for free
Windows XP x64 downloaded by Microsoft can be used for free for 180 days, which is enough to experience the 64-bit operating system. AccessHttp://, select the country or region of China, and then click the Order the download button below to provide user information such as name, detailed address, zip code, region, and email as prompted, to ensure timely receipt of the notification email, it is best to provide Hotmail, Yahoo, and other foreign mailboxes. After submission, you will receive the notification email within one day, including the trial serial number, download the file WS03SP1_RTM_1830_PX6_EN.iso as prompted. If you want to get the CD, you need to pay the postage. The Chinese user is $20, 1.

(Figure 1)

In addition, Microsoft has provided a multi-language support package, with a total of 3 CDs. The simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and Korean language packs are in 3rd CDs, which can also beHttp://
Download 4d51-9d6d-c7c64e9f5baARMMUIx3.iso.
Install 64-bit XP on SATA hard drive
1. You must use a CD-ROM for boot installation.
First, the Tester Used winrarto release ws03sp1_rtm_1830_px6_en.isoto a directory and double-click setup.exe to install Windows XP. As it turns out, this is not feasible. It will prompt that the installation must be guided by CD. Instead, you can only use Alocohol 120% to burn the image file to a CD for installation.
2. Blue Screen caused by SATA hard drive
After the disk is restarted, a blue screen is always displayed during installation, prompting that there is a hardware error and the hard disk cannot be found. It is preliminarily determined that it is the cause of the SATA hard disk. Then go to the BIOS settings and find the "Drives → SATA Operation" item. The default mode is RAID Autodetect AHCI. Change it to Combination compatible mode and then install it. At this time, the blue screen interface is not displayed.
3. Select to load the latest driver
However, the installation wizard prompts a new problem and finds an unrecognized hardware device-it must be caused by the SATA hard disk! Download Intel's Matrix Storage Mangager driver's latest disk creation programHttp:// the F6 key during installation and select S to load the driver from the floppy disk. The subsequent installation will be very smooth.
4. Step by step, smooth installation
The next step is very smooth. After the file is copied, the installation wizard will prompt you to enter the serial number. Then, during the installation process, you need to set the Administrator account and password, and enter the installation serial number, the installation was completed in less than 30 minutes.
5. Install the Simplified Chinese Language Pack
ARMMUIx3.iso contains three language packs: 0404.msi, 0412.msi, and 0804. MSI. Release them with WinRAR, and double-click 0804. MSI to install the Simplified Chinese package. After installation, you must change all the items in Regional and Language Option (Region and Language settings) to Chinese (PRC). After the system is restarted, the simplified Chinese interface is complete.
6. Activate Windows XP x64 by phone
Restart again, enter the BIOS setup program, change SATA Operation to RAID Autodetect ATA, and the dual-Start menu appears on the English interface. By default, Windows XP Professional x64 Edition is used. After you enter the system, you are prompted to activate it immediately. Otherwise, you can only use it for 14 days. The trial network cannot be activated online and can only be activated by dialing 800. After "phone activation" is selected on the computer, the corresponding 800 activation phone number is displayed on the screen. At the same time, there are 9 groups of 6 digits under the phone number, these numbers are automatically generated based on the hardware configuration of the Local Machine. Call 800 to select the language type, activated system, and other product information based on the voice prompt, then, enter the nine numbers displayed on the screen on the keyboard as prompted (do not enter the numbers on the phone ), after each set of numbers is entered, press the number key 1 on the phone to continue. After the input is complete, the activation system will automatically return the corresponding activation code, and enter the correct activation code to complete product activation, after activation, you can get the 180-day permission.
Windows XP x64
When Windows XP x64 is started, it does not appear on the logon interface we are familiar with. Instead, you can log on directly to the Administrator Logon interface. Of course, it is best to create a personal account for the user. The system has automatically installed SP1. Go to the desktop and you will find the prompt in the lower right corner: Evalution copy. Build 3790 (Service Pack 1 ).
! Tip: If you set SATA Operation to RAID Autodetect ATA, two unrecognized IDE channels will appear in Windows XP.
1. Use both IE
By default, there is only one recycle bin on the desktop. From the custom desktop, icons such as my computer, my documents, and network neighbors can be displayed on the desktop. The Start Menu shows two IE (see figure 2), one is Internet Explorer (32-bit) and the other is Internet Explorer (64-bit ), the complete 64-bit version. Any tool bar or plug-in used on 32-bit IE cannot be installed and used in 64-bit IE.

Figure 2

2. graphics card driver
Because of the driver, Windows XP x64 only uses 800x600 resolution by default, which looks really ugly, of course it is immediately changed to 1028x764, however, the best solution is to install the driver of the video card. Otherwise, not only will the resolution not go up, but the "standby" option will not be available during shutdown.
3. Hardware Recognition
We can refer to the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) on the Microsoft Website ):Http:// whether your hardware is compatible with Windows XP x64. The operating system only supports the devices in the HCL list.
Maybe this Dell 9100 configuration is too advanced. There are many yellow question marks in the Device Manager, because the related hardware has not been recognized by Windows XP x64, if a 32-bit driver is installed, an error is prompted. We need to visit the hardware vendor's website or driver house to download the driver one by one. However, gaming players should be happy because Windows XP x64 contains the complete DirectX 9.0 support and the latest DirectX 9.0c. Of course, you must install a 64-bit video card driver. Both ATi and nVIDIA provide drivers that support Windows XP x64, or accessHttp:// can also find all the hardware drivers that provide 64-bit support. If not, you can only try to use the 32-bit driver.
A few days ago, when I visited the Dell Technical Support website, I found that a 64-bit Driver For nic, sound card, and display was provided, so I quickly downloaded and installed it, many yellow problems in the Device Manager have finally disappeared.
4. Application compatibility
The folder name obtained by Microsoft for 64-bit and 32-bit applications has undergone great changes (see figure 3). "Program Files" indicates 64-bit applications, and "Program Files (x86) "32-bit application, which is the default installation path for both 64-bit and 32-bit applications. Currently, there are not many applications that support 64-bit Windows XP. The default installation directory is the Program Files directory. If it is a 32-bit application, it will be installed in the Program Files \ x86 directory by default. We recommend that you select the default installation path as much as possible. However, all applications involving virtual devices, such as Alcohol 120% and Daemon, are denied installation. It seems that they can only wait for their 64-bit version.

Figure 3

Microsoft provides users with a subsystem named WoW64 (Windows-32 on Windows-64), which provides a simulation environment for the existing 32-bit application software, most 32-bit applications can run smoothly on Windows 64-bit without modification. Open the task manager and you will see some differences between the processes displayed here and those displayed in Windows XP. The 64-bit process shows that everything is normal, however, the 32-bit process is followed by a "* 32" flag. Of course, the 16-bit application is completely unavailable.
5. Compatibility with anti-virus software
Recently, Kingsoft and Jiangmin both claimed in various major media and posters that their antivirus software already supports Windows XP x64. But what is the truth?
To get the answer, Sysman first downloads the 64-bit Kingsoft drug overlord 2005, which can be used for free trial from Kingsoft's homepage. The installation process does not prompt errors, but can also be used and updated properly, however, the trouble is that the security center cannot correctly identify the issue and still prompts that no anti-virus software is installed. Is there any false information? As a result, when I opened the task manager, I found the problem. Here, all the processes related to Kingsoft overlord 2005 still have a "* 32" mark, as shown in figure 4, friends can see that all processes starting with K carry this sign, which clearly shows that the 64-bit Kingsoft drug overlord 2005 is still 32-bit.

Figure 4

Later, I found the answer to the question in the Kingsoft community. The original 64-bit Kingsoft drug overlord only means that the driver supports a 64-bit processor, but the main program is still 32-bit. Jiangmin's KV2006 only supports the 64-bit platform. It adopts 64-bit technical programming and can be installed on Windows XP x64 platform, but the process in the task manager is still 32-bit.

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