Install opensuse 10.2 NVIDIA graphics card

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Despite the one-click installation in opensuse software package management, the one-click installation is always problematic and cannot be started. The prompt "X-server not running" appears, and a series of errors are displayed. Search the entire Google and finally find the solution:
Installation environment:

OS: opensuse 10.2
MACHINE: Dell vostro 1310
Graphics: NVIDIA geforoce 8400
Memory: 3 GB
Hard Disk: 250 GB
Motherboard: Intel 965

Traditional Method

Method 1:

Use the software manager provided by the system for one-click installation.
There are several reasons for this.

First, it's simple.

Check out your operator system veersion;
Leno @ Vostro-1310: ~> Uname-R
It is bigsmp. Do not select default during installation. Otherwise, an error will occur!

Second, and this is the most important one, you won't need to recompile the NVIDIA Kernel

Module after a kernel update. Update your kernel via you (YaST online update). Use
YaST-> Software-> Installation source-> Add
Protocol: HTTP
Server Name:

Directory on server:/opensuse/10.2
Note: sometimes it may not be connected.
To add the nvidia http server as additional installation source.


Now use
YaST-> Software-> software management
To install the NVIDIA driver. Select the following packages:
The x11-video-nvidiaG01-bigsmp may not be of this version, and the key is to install it based on the operating system version;
Sax2-r-m 0 = NVIDIA (0)
Configure the video card;

Method 2:

Download the graphics card driver directly. I have tried it multiple times and tried it repeatedly. We recommend that you do not use it.
People who aren't afraid of recompiling the NVIDIA kernel module or even reinstalling
NVIDIA driver each time the kernel has been updated and want or need to use the latest and
Greatest NVIDIA driver can use the following steps 1-3. The others shocould use
Instructions abve using YaST and skip the steps below.
Download the video card driver version 173.14.12 from the NVIDIA website;

1) kernel sources must be installed and configured. Usually this means
Installing the 'kernel-source', 'make' and 'gcc 'packages with yast2.
2) use the NVIDIA installer for 173.14.12.

3) Configure X. org
Sax2-r-m 0 = NVIDIA (0 is a digit, not a letter !)
Note: There is no need to try to enable 3D support. It's already
Enabled, when the NVIDIA driver is running.
Important: You need to recompile and install the NVIDIA kernel module
After each kernel update.

Method 3: Install the NVIDIA graphics card driver

1. First, make sure that kernel-source, make, and GCC are installed. If not, search for and install them in YaST.
2. After installation, enter the following as root on the terminal:
Make cloneconfig
Make prepare
3. Download the corresponding driver on the official website of N card

4. log on to the terminal as the root user and enter init 3.
5. CD/home/your account/directory of your n-Card Driver
6. enter sh NVIDIA-Linux-<arch>-<version>-<build>-<PKG #>. Run-Q on the terminal.
Example sh
7. Set
Terminal input: sax2-r-m 0 = NVIDIA/* Note: 0 is a number, not a letter */
8. Re-input: init 5
Installation successful;





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