Install the Chinese Input Method under jsunpack-N (3) Ubuntu in Jiangnan

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Ubuntu 10.04 installation of Chinese Input Method:

Ps: the input method command is very simple:

1. Install scim intelligent Pinyin input method:

sudo apt-get install scim-pinyin im-switch

2. Set the Default Input Method to scim:

Im-switch-s scim (sudo is not available for normal users)
When error: update-alternatives: Cannot find alternative '/etc/X11/xinit/xinput. d/scim' occurs:

Set the Default Input Method to scim again:

SudoUpdate-alternatives -- install/Etc/X11/Xinit/Xinput. d/All_ALL
Xinput-all_ALL/Etc/X11/Xinit/Xinput. d/Scim30

SudoIm-switch-s scim

Remember to restart the system ~~

Some people say it still doesn't work?

Try this:

Because SCIM is just an input method platform, you also need to install the input method (or code table) on it ).

For example,

Apt-get install scim-chinese

Now you can use the intelligent Pinyin input method!

You must configure it before using it.

Configuration method: create a file named 95xinput in/etc/X11/xsession. d/. The file content is as follows:

Xmodifiers = "@ im = scim"
Export xmodifiers
Export gtk_im_module = scim

Save the file. After confirming that the content is correct, exit X (it is recommended to exit X and run the exit command to re-login once). Then, press Ctrl + space to call up scim when entering X!

========================================================== ======================================

Jsunpack was able to run yesterday, but an error was reported:Fatal: Failed to find pre. js and post. js

Check the source code of jsunpackn. py:

If not (OS. Path. exists (self. Options. PRE) and OS. Path. exists (self. Options. Post )):
Exit ("Fatal: failed to find pre. js and post. js ")

It turns out to be my post. js or pre. A Javascript file does not exist, and blue Blue finds its pre. js has, why didn't I have it? I updated svn again and found that my lovely anti-virus software has deleted it, closed it, And pre. put js in the jsunpack folder.

After the last problem is solved, an error is returned:Error: Fatal error in decodeJS: % s (probably you are missing "js" in your path)

When I checked the source code, I found that try-try t Exception. e had too many code and gave up. I had to study it. I felt that the js environment variable of SpiderMonkey was not included in the PATH, then google to modify the environment variable "

Modify the profile file:
# Vi/etc/profile
Add the following to the last line in the profile:
PATH = $ PATH:/home/ouyang/Desktop/jsunpack-n/depends/js-1.8.0-rc1-src/Linux_All_OPT.OBJ/



You can.

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