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I installed Tomcat on Ubuntu today. The installation process is not as simple as windows, but it is not as difficult as I think. The difficulty is to decompress and set environment variables. Next we will record the process: (install JDK before installing Tomcat, instead of JDK. At the bottom of this article, we will see where to install JDK .)

1. Download tomcat, download address for Apache site, URL for the tar.gz. File under coreafter downloading, name: apache-tomcat-5.5.20.tar.gz
2. after the download is complete, decompress the downloaded file. I am not familiar with Linux, so I don't know which directory to put it in. I want to put it under/usr/local/servers.
$ Gunzip apache-tomcat-5.5.20.tar.gz
The authorization command will get to the apache-tomcat-5.5.20.tar file. Then execute:
$ Tar-xvf apache-tomcat-5.5.20.tar
In this way, the compressed file is decompressed. The decompressed directory is Apache-Tomcat-5.5.20.
Then we start to set the environment variables:
$ VI/etc/profile
On the VI editing interface that is opened, add (if the file contains content, it is at the end of the file)
Export catalina_home =/usr/local/servers/Apache-Tomcat-5.5.20
Export Path = $ catalina_home/bin: $ path
The first sentence above is to set the catalina_home environment variable. The second sentence is to add the Tomcat STARTUP script and the close script to the path, so that Tomcat does not need to be started every time in the Tomcat directory.
After adding, Press ESC and enter
: WQ!
Save and exit.
Under the command line, enter
$./Startup. Sh
This will appear on the screen:
Using catalina_base:/usr/local/servers/Apache-Tomcat-5.5.20
Using catalina_home:/usr/local/servers/Apache-Tomcat-5.5.20
Using catalina_tmpdir:/usr/local/servers/Apache-Tomcat-5.5.20/temp
Using jre_home:/home/wangd/jdk1.5.0 _ 09/
In this case, the startup is successful. Open firfox and enter it in the address bar.
Http: // localhost: 8080/
Press enter to view the Tomcat homepage.

Before installation, I have installed JDK and set environment variables. If JDK is not installed, install JDK first. the JDK installation method will not be written. can go to this page to see, speak more than I want to say also detailed:

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