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Some people say that the host is nothing but a few pieces of hardware, but still quite exquisite. The author believes that DIY installed first need to look at the use of demand, after the determination of the need to choose reasonable hardware, generally speaking, CPU, motherboard, video card, memory, hard disk, power supply, chassis this order, but if this one encountered some x factors (unknown, uncertain factors) how to determine it? For example, too like one of the hardware, but it is very special, very alternative, how to do?

The first is the choice of CPU, through their own learning and inquiries, and finally determine the legendary god u----E3 1230 V3, the E3 1230 V2 successor V3 its use of four core eight thread design, and removed HD 4600 core graphics card, so the price is much lower than the i7, However, the performance and i7 is very close, cost-effective quite high.

The next step is to select the motherboard, because E3 this u is LGA1150, and does not support overclocking, so there is no need to choose Intel's Z-series motherboard, the nature of the author that B85 is the most cost-effective, so finalized the Asus B85 PRO Gameer, The quality of this motherboard in the B85 series is excellent.

Then is the graphics card, in fact, a few years ago the author is also called N-card belief party, but now with the rise of AMD, a card in the game field has been quite strong, so the author of the original finalized GTX770 replaced by R9 280X, almost flat performance, but also cheaper hundreds of, why not? And just at this point, an X Factor is born, let's see.

  Chassis size determines motherboard specifications

  A chassis attracts the author

In the author is the process of selecting the video card, casual look at the chassis, the result was a chassis to attract, that is welcome to 904, familiar with DIY players are clear, Ying wide chassis is a very personalized products. The previous author said that The X Factor appears, said that the simple point is that other hardware can be changed, but this chassis is set, chassis, other hardware supplemented, then see how I solve this X Factor.

Why do you see this chassis, because I like the simple minimalist style, and the glass products are very good impression, this chassis is very consistent with the taste of the author, but this chassis has different from the other chassis special, so select hardware to be around it to unfold.

  Chassis size determines motherboard specifications

Now that we have identified this 904 chassis, I will first take a look at this chassis to support which motherboards. By observation, the chassis supports the ATX,M-ATX motherboard, but the author has found a different place, that is, if the standard ATX motherboard is installed, the right portion of the motherboard will top the hard drive bit in the upper-right corner. In fact, it is feasible, but the line to trouble some.

  Give me an extension.

What's worth the most is that this chassis delivers a 4+4pin and 24pin extension cord, which is very rare, so if the power supply wire is too short the player should not worry.

For the selection of the chassis of the small partners, if it is a DIY novice, the choice of ATX motherboard, may improve the routing difficulty, you can consider the choice of M-ATX motherboard, veteran is indifferent. Due to the author's experience in the line is still rich, so this ASUS B85 PRO Gamer feasible, it is.

Experience: Now the mainstream of the tower chassis can be very good support ATX, M-ATX Motherboard, but due to the more special 904 chassis, belong to the relatively "short" chassis, so the choice of M-ATX motherboard is also a good way. If the player has encountered other special specifications of the chassis, the author's experience is to see whether the motherboard around the next to some chassis accessories, if any, it is necessary to carefully see if it will cause more serious impact.

  Game box long graphics card to support

  Support for long video cards is required

After determining the motherboard, the next is the choice of video card, because the chassis is sure not to change, the graphics card may have to adjust, so the author first to understand this chassis can support the length of the video card, fortunately this case design ingenious, hard disk bit and graphics card bit on the same horizontal line. Ying Guang official Given the data is supported by 360mm video card.

  Hard drive compartment is flexible to support long graphics cards

So the author selected R9 280X graphics card length of 31cm, nature is no problem, here you need to remind the vast number of players, if the choice of a relatively long graphics card, then the chassis must choose to support the long video card, preferably the hard drive warehouse can be separated.

Fortunately, the above chassis hard disk bit baffle can be disassembled, if the players inadvertently chose not to disassemble, the above video card can not be installed at all, only to the baffle sawed off, it is too bad.

Ying Guang 904 chassis, with 3 hard disk bits, whether SSD or HDD can be installed, although not many, can also meet my own needs, if you are a high-definition film enthusiasts, then I am afraid this chassis may not be suitable for you.

Experience: The current structure of the tower chassis, about the video card and hard disk bit, basically can according to whether in the same horizontal line, not horizontal, nature can support long graphics card, and at the same level, players will see whether the baffle can be removed or sliding, if not, then the purchase should pay attention to see the specific parameters.

  Special chassis power supply size is exquisite

  The choice of power is fastidious

After the video card is determined, the next is the power position choice, because this chassis is more special, experienced players have seen, the chassis of the power supply space is limited, not all power can be installed. Welcome to the official data is to support the power supply below 18cm.

So here I select the power supply must pay special attention to the size of the power supply, because the standard ATX power supply width is fixed, so too long power supply such as pirate ship ax1200i, Zhenhua Platinum static butterfly is unable to install, square power supply is no problem.

Many players will have doubts, light to determine the size of the power can not ah, power or what to consider it. Here because the author has experience, because the budget price is about 7000 yuan, you can determine the overall overall power consumption is about how much, so the power to choose nature is at your fingertips.

Experience: The general Tower chassis, power supply space is very rich, or because of the 904 design more unique, resulting in a limited power supply. Mainstream tower chassis are supported by standard ATX power supply Certainly, so players if encountered a special chassis, the main still need to see the size of the power supply. If you have a qualified player, you can choose a full module power supply, and then buy custom wire, this will be more handy.

  Chassis width determines heatsink specifications

The last is to choose the radiator, the author of the Wind and water cooling actually do not care. Ying Guang 904 chassis width of 192mm, in addition to thick glass and back line space, CPU heat sink limit of 145mm, so the relatively high side of the air cooling (such as Xuan Ice 400, East China Sea X4) is not installed. So under pressure air-cooled is completely no problem, so one water cooling is feasible.

Because of this chassis behind the back panel also has a backplane, so not only can be installed inside the chassis a fan, but also can be external water-cooled, very practical.

Because this chassis does not have a front fan bit, and is born on the right side of the power supply, so this fan must be installed, otherwise the chassis is the heat will be greatly reduced.

Experience: Choose the radiator, you have to look at the chassis. Chassis width determines the size of the radiator, too short chassis can not support the high tower radiator, so you can consider under the pressure of air-cooled (such as Kyushu Wind and Canada), and the general 120 water-cooled mainstream tower chassis are supported. For the choice of fans, especially 904 of such chassis, I think it is necessary.

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