Installation of postgresql9.6

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Environment: CentOS6.9 x86_64

network environment of the machine: 10. X.X.X/8 (8-bit mask)

# Install RPM Package

Yum Install pgdg-centos96-9.6-3.noarch.rpm-y Yum Install postgresql96 postgresql96-server-y

# Prepare the Pgsql data storage directory

Mkdir/bdata/data/nowdb2/chown postgres.postgres/bdata/data/nowdb2/-R chmod 700/bdata/data/nowdb2/

vim/etc/init.d/postgresql-9.6 Modify the Pgdata path inside the startup script:


# Initialize Database

/etc/init.d/postgresql-9.6 Initdb

Su-postgres edit. bash_profile files, write Pghome and Pgdata for later use, with the following content:

[-f/etc/profile] && Source/etc/profilepgdata=/bdata/data/nowdb2/datapghome=/usr/pgsql-9.6/export Pgdataexport pghome[-f/var/lib/pgsql/.pgsql_profile] && source/var/lib/pgsql/.pgsql_profile

# Make Environment variables effective


vim/bdata/data/nowdb2/data/postgresql.conf modify some of the parameters (there are many parameters that can actually be modified), for example:

listen_addresses = ' * ' port = 5432max_connections = 500shared_buffers = 1024mbtemp_buffers = 16mbwork_mem = 4MB

# Start Pgsql

$PGHOME/bin/pg_ctl start-d $PGDATA

# Create a copy-right account for later use

CREATE ROLE Replica Login replication encrypted password ' replica ';

# Add a password to the Postgres account and later use it for Pg_rewind:

Alter user postgres password ' postgres ';

# Create a regular account and business library

Create DATABASE db1;create user devuser3 login password ' 111111 ' valid until ' 2020-01-11 '; ALTER DATABASE DB1 owner to Devu Ser3;

To edit an authorization file:

Vim Pg_hba.conf adds a line:

Host all Postgres md5host all Devuser3 MD5

# Overloaded configuration file

$PGHOME/bin/pg_ctl reload-d $PGDATA

In this way, we can connect to PostgreSQL on other machines.

Installation of postgresql9.6

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