(installed) about WINRE/ESP/LRS_ESP/MSR/PBR these partitions

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WINRE 1GB use: Windows 8 system Recovery model. This partition is a Windows 8 PE system that is saved when the Windows 8 system principal itself is damaged and does not start properly when the system is repaired.

ESP 260MB uses: EFI extended partition, UEFI BIOS boot system used, storage bios/efi NAND chip stored in that part of the EFI extension feature.

lrs_esp 500MB use: Lenovo One-click Restore Windows PE system boot partition, Lenovo one-click Restore software is also installed in this section-

MSR 128MB Purpose: Microsoft reserved (MSR) partition, this partition is hidden from Windows Disk Manager cannot be seen

PBR 25GB use: Lenovo One-click Restore hidden partition

Therefore,Lrs_esp and PBR can be deleted without the need for a one-click restore of the association.

And the WINRE and MSR are win's silly things, deleted on the silly, will be prompted to find or cannot access the recovery partition. Pro-Test ...

(installed) about WINRE/ESP/LRS_ESP/MSR/PBR these partitions

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