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GAB Robins, a risk management service and Solution Provider that provides services to insurance companies, has fewer IT employees. The frame relay service provided by the company through the MCI has not been stopped.
GAB Robins has 683 sites in 52 countries around the world, serving approximately 3000 users. GAB Robins's network designers need a way to accommodate bandwidth-intensive applications and more users, improving network and application performance, reducing network costs and improving network reliability.
Tom Broccoletti, IT manager at GAB Robins, said the company reduced IT staff and did not have enough resources to adopt a DIY approach. IT took a 24-hour technical support solution. Broccoletti said at the "Burton Group's Catalyst Conference June 14" Meeting held on April 9, 2006, let's look at our staff. Only me.
As with IT employees, GAB Robins has limited network infrastructure. SOHO users feel that the application performance is poor. Mobile Office staff need multiple remote access client devices.
Broccoletti said these issues prompted GAB Robins to seek a solution to meet the needs of individual users, small offices, and large offices. GAB Robins also needs to optimize access to each site. Some sites are very distant, such as in Alaska. He said that our company has many areas without good network connections.
Another killer is the billing of MCI. According to Broccoletti, the bill for MCI is sent to the company's headquarters and must be allocated to specific branches. This job alone requires a full-time job.
GAB Robins asked a virtual network operator, vodela Networks. This choice was initially made to reduce the workload for managing the Frame Relay router. However, selecting ela also adds a managed broadband VPN Network for more than 350 sites of the company. Virtela also serves as a single contact point for over 35 DSL access providers.
Broccoletti said that the fully-managed ela ssl vpn network now supports more than 1000 employees. This eliminates the need to install and maintain the client software for staff who require secure remote access.
Vodela's virtual network operator provides the widest selection in terms of managing network and security services, aggregating and integrating local, regional and global networks, and optimizing performance and redundancy.
After the transition, the network bandwidth of GAB Robins increased by three times. The cost was only half of Frame Relay, saving about $2.5 million. According to GAB Robins, using a commercial dsl vpn, the upload speed now takes only a few seconds instead of several hours. The company also found a solution to faster network problems. The billing has been optimized to eliminate the management burden.
However, not everything is as good as everyone wishes. After installation, security becomes a problem. Due to network attacks and other threats caused by a large number of remote staff, GAB Robins has encountered the problem of network performance degradation. They need to prevent DoS attacks that cause invalid firewall performance, but they do not have dedicated personnel responsible for security work.
With the help of ela, GAB Robins installed an intrusion detection solution to block internal and external threats. Virtela handles the two-phase installation. Now, all Internet access and communication are through the TippingPoint intrusion defense system.
Broccoletti said GAB Robins was satisfied in general. This DSL-Based ip vpn plays an important role. As a result, the company may not be able to implement the DIY method.

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