Instant Search official launch of the commercial system some enterprises can be free to try

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June 20, the People Search Network AG announced that the immediate search business system officially online, some enterprises will be free to obtain a one-year high-quality search engine marketing services. It also means that people's search has officially started to commercialize.

People search related responsible person said, the Instant Search business system not only fully draws on the existing network marketing form, but also has the user intention to recognize the function and the diversification information display form, can more conveniently satisfy the user to the commercial information demand, simultaneously, the instantaneous search commercial system will also integrate the mobile Internet resources, uses the mobile phone, Tablet computers and other media to carry out a full range of information push.

In addition, the people search company said, the immediate search will also be with the government departments, banks, industry associations and other relevant institutions, the quality of advertising enterprises strictly to ensure that users obtain real and effective information.

It is reported that, compared with other search engines, Instant Search claims to pay more attention to people's livelihood. Its focus on people's livelihood information display platform and food safety two products and instant Search business system at the same time online, the people most concerned about the information into the search engine. Instant exposure platform from the people's livelihood, through the "News exposure", "rights help", "complaints exposure", "Enterprise Library" and other plates, will be closely related to the people's lives and all kinds of security incidents, and provide an official complaint channel, to facilitate the public timely rights; instant food safety through "Food Safety information aggregation", " Unqualified food publicity "and" all over the report entrance summary "and other functions, the important information quickly passed to the general consumer reference.

In addition, Instant Search on the eve of this year's college entrance exam for candidates and parents to serve the college entrance examination and university database system. As long as users enter the "high test score" in the Instant web search box, they can quickly see the entrance examination scores and relevant information in their area. The system can also provide the various regions of the college entrance examination of Arts and Sciences and university data and other accurate data, to help candidates fill in the volunteer.

Previously, in March 2012, the instant News of an Android edition was released, "Focus News", "Select more Pictures", "News Timeline", "City News Weather One station", "one key sharing" and other functions fully cater to the user's habits, has been nearly millions of users download the use of daily active users nearly 300,000, The total number of views per page reached 1.6 million. The future search will continue to optimize, adjust and fully accept the test of market-oriented.

In addition, the company launched a new logo. The new logo uses calm, fair, deep Blue as the main hue, with a positive, vibrant red, express search is willing to become the information on the ocean to guide the voyage of the "lighthouse." (Reifeng)

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