Integrated management solutions for small and midsize businesses

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For small micro-enterprises, sales, finance, procurement, human resources and other departments more closely, if the use of different management systems to manage the business and projects, not only the need for high software costs, but also facing the system of docking problems, which makes enterprises in the information management choice often indecisive, even missed opportunities.

When the enterprise is in the rising stage of development, need multi-functional management system to quickly improve the management efficiency of enterprises, then the integration of a variety of enterprise management solutions Integrated Management system will be more appropriate choice. High Linoleic technology uses "a design a system" of the new architecture and development system language, the development of enterprise integration Management System--8manage FAS.

As an integrated information management solution, 8Manage FAs has taken the disadvantage of silo-type connection system, supported by cloud technology as a source of information data, has higher data relevance and information validity, reduces the risk of information sharing among departments, and improves work and delivery efficiency.

The 8Manage FAs includes multiple enterprise application management modules, such as customer management, procurement management, project management, human resources management, and so on, and system extensions no longer require additional hardware and system software or integration, data migration, and installation. Enterprises can purchase the corresponding management module according to their actual needs, even if the need to expand the new management module, but also only purchase license key to join the new features, for the company to create an integrated management platform. Because just on-line and maintain a system, its cost-effective by enterprises welcome.

The system provides a comprehensive management solution, all business management on a system platform, data real-time connectivity, straight-through management process is more conducive to inter-departmental collaborative work, improve business management efficiency.

At present, there are many cross-national business users are using 8Manage, in the industry has a good reputation, its service and implementation of the effect of many users are very appreciative, integrated management of the solution gradually favored by users, have been expecting information technology for enterprises to bring the breakthrough and promotion of management methods.

Integrated management solutions for small and midsize businesses

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