Intel seven Daicouri i7-7700k performance test run points

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Intel seven Daicouri i7-7700k performance test run points

Intel's seventh Daicouri desktop processor based on the Kaby Lake Microarchitecture appears to be almost ready. Small Desert Small series to bring Intel seven Daicouri i7-7700k performance test run points, everybody sneak peek.

Today, there is good news about Intel's seventh Daicouri desktop processor, which comes from Tom Hardware, a foreign website that has long focused on authoritative hardware reviews. The site takes the lead in a simple preview of core i7-7700k and basic performance benchmarks, and tells a lot of overclocking content that is worth seeing. Of course, this test is not a formal retail version of the i7-7700k, but the engineering samples and with the Z170 motherboard for testing, so with the future of the sale of the market is different.

Core i7-7700k is a four-core eight-thread processor, the frequency of 4.2GHz, Rui-frequency 4.5GHZ,TDP 95W, some other parameters and the previous leakage is not much different. Since it's a model with "K", so Tom's hardware is most interested in the overclocking section, but the article points out that the engineering chip is slightly disappointing, because the chip is fast enough after overclocking, but all surprises may be masked by high power consumption, and the operation of the heat is not low.

Tom's hardware said that the core i7-7700k overclocking has a certain potential, as long as the voltage set to 1.30V, you can easily exceed the frequency of 4.8GHz, and the same conditions, the core i7-6700k can only reach 4.6GHz. However, the extra heat generated by overclocking will accumulate rapidly and is difficult to maintain for long periods of time.

"Our overclocking labs have even set room temperature at a constant temperature of 15 degrees Celsius, which is certainly not the daily environment most users live in, so it's not easy to use daily overclocking." "Tom's hardware said that the water cooling solution may work, but requires that the water cooling pipe when the normal operation does not feel warm, and the requirements of the coolant is very high, so 4.8GHz is probably the limit of this sample."

In short, the Intel Core i7-7700k may be able to easily overclocking to a relatively alarming rate for the samples currently tested, but require users to prepare a very high quality, efficient water-cooled solution, otherwise it is difficult to ensure long-term stable use.

Tom's hardware other run score shows that the Intel Core i7-7700k performance is slightly better than the previous generation of Skylake products. In the mixed-work test, except for the video conversion, the rest of the core i7-7700k beat the core i7-6700k. However, even if you beat its lead by a small margin, perhaps in some practical applications, the seventh Daicouri Quad-core processor performance will be more prominent, including the adoption of a new chipset based on the next generation of motherboards.

Finally, Tom's hardware concluded that Kaby lake was Skylake's "revised edition".

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