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There is a song called "entering the New Age". I like it very much. Every time I give people and motivation! Continue! We are improving every day! The environment around us is changing every day. This is a wise and strategizing process! Capabilities and strength determine your own height! I like the modern history of China. A story has always touched my nerves. That is, when the Huai Hai Campaign is not over yet, Mao Zedong considers the crossing river campaign. Of course, think carefully, he may have been thinking about this day earlier, but he needs to know that this is a forward-looking part of strategic deployment, every battle serves the overall strategy. Today, malls are replaced by the battlefield, and what each day feels is not a wonderful scene in the war!

The reason is that I have always recalled this joy over the past few days. What? Just like my signature m in the QQ space, "Acer has changed a new display for me", you know, according to the warranty provisions! Most of them have expired, that is, the small parts will soon expire, and the expired detection will be charged. I don't want to worry about it anymore, it's just a try attitude (it's still within the scope of the service as a friend tells me). Of course, I am also eager to use it. I also saw it several times and I learned that the widget is broken, however, I don't think this has much to do with Acer's strategy. In addition, I will be notified of a new one. My friends and I are also very skeptical about whether they will be fooled by an old one, but I really changed my new one. When I talked to my friends about this, many of them said they would buy Acer after buying the display. Yes, when many people say this, it means that their operation is successful, and the successful operation is to provide a good service!

I also remember Deng Rong, the leader of Zhongguancun Software Park, said at the opening ceremony! Many IT companies actually provide services. In fact, I have long known that services in China have always been poor. It is no wonder that Chinese people have a strong sense of self-reliance, however, as the name of a song goes into a new era and keeps pace with the times, these dynamic idioms tell us that China is changing and changing. Yes, many times I even think, if you are happy, you will have a chance. In many cases, the subtle differences will bring unexpected consequences to you! In fact, this is also very strategizing!

In the case of Acer for display, I think it is actually such a result. The implementation process is different, and the results are also very different. Of course, as a company strategy, good quality products are good! Either way, we should always find a balance between retaining customers and maximizing the company's interests. To tell the truth, this seems very difficult. For the top executives of many companies, I don't know how long it will take for the display. The upper-level personnel should know how long it will take, but how much better is the overall control? How many users are there like me? It takes at least a long time to open your computer every day! In my opinion, as part of the overall strategy, I will not produce products that can all be out of warranty, and I will at least control % of the quality is not so good, these products are sold to different regions based on the percentage of sales. I will give you another one if I have a warranty, or I will change it if I can't move it. After all, the product may not be bad if I buy it, but it will be broken. Soon, I will receive a very good advertising effect, at least it is much more reliable and cheaper than advertising elsewhere!

I do not know whether the macro-level leadership is like this, but in such a marketing method, I really think this is a kind of wisdom!

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