International Conference for Smart Health, call for Papers

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Advancing Informatics for healthcare and healthcare applications have become an international the priority. There is increased effort to transform reactive care to proactive and preventive care, clinic-centric to patient-centered Practice, training-based interventions to globally aggregated evidence, and episodic response to continuous well-being mon Itoring and maintenance.

ICSH (International Conference for Smart Health) was intended to provide a forum for the growing Smart H Ealth community to discuss the principles, algorithms and applications of intelligent data acquisition, Processin g, and analysis of healthcare data.

The conference proceedings would be published to Springer lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS). The electronic conference proceedings would be a provided at the time of registration. The published proceedings is sent to each of registrant later by organizers. Selected papers would also be considered-IEEE Intelligent Systems and ACM transactions on Management information System S.


Important Dates:

Paper Submission:september 6 (EXTENDED)

Notification of Acceptance:september 26, 2015

Conference Dates:november 17-18, 2015


Topics of Interest for the conference include, but is not limited to (see the Conference website at for additional suggestions):

I. Information sharing, integrating and extraction

♦patient Education, learning and involvement

♦consumer and clinician health information needs, seeking, sharing, and use

♦healthcare knowledge Abstraction, classification and summarization

♦effective Information retrieval for healthcare applications

♦natural language Processing and text mining for biomedical and clinical applications, EHR, clinical notes, and H Ealth Consumer Texts

♦intelligent systems and text mining for electronic health records

♦health and clinical data integrity, privacy and representativeness for secondary use of data

II. Clinical Practice and Training

♦virtual Patient modeling for learning, practicing and demonstrating care practices

♦medical Recommender Systems

♦text Mining Clinical Text for innovative applications (patient monitoring, recommender systems for clinicians, a Dverse effects monitoring)

♦mental and physical health data integration

♦computer-aided Diagnosis

♦computational support for patient-centered and evidence-based care

♦disease Profiling and personalized treatment

♦visual Analytics for Healthcare

♦transdisciplinary Healthcare through IT

Iii. Mining Clinical and medical data

♦data augmentation and combination for evidence-based clinical decision making

♦biomarker Discovery and biomedical data mining

♦semantic Web, linked data, ontologies for healthcare applications

♦software Infrastructure for Biomedical applications (text mining platforms, semantic web, workflows, etc)

♦intelligent Medical Data Management

♦computational Intelligence methodologies for healthcare

Iv. Assistive, persuasive and intelligent devices for medical care and monitoring

♦assistive devices and tools for individuals with special needs

♦intelligent Medical Devices and sensors

♦continuous monitoring and streaming technologies for healthcare

♦computer Support for surgical intervention

♦localized data for improving emergency care

♦localization, persuasion and mobile approaches to increasing healthy life styles and better self-care

♦virtual and augmented reality for healthcare

V. Global systems and large-scale health data analysis and management

♦global spread of disease:models, tools and interventions

♦data Analytics for clinical care

♦systems for Telemedicine

♦pharmacy Informatics systems and drug discovery

♦collaboration Technologies for Healthcare

♦healthcare Workflow Management

♦meta-studies of community, national and international programs


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International Conference for Smart Health, call for Papers

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