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Let's talk about the introduction of domain name investment today.

Domain name: Before the domain name appears, people use the IP address to access the website. But the IP address is long and meaningless,

But how can this help our smart little friends, they immediately think of a string instead of the method to access the site, the domain name appears.

ICANN: Full name is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Internet name and digital address assignment agency), A nonprofit organization responsible for coordinating the Internet's unique identifier system and its secure and stable operations globally, including the management and distribution of domain names and IP.

Domain Name Rating: The small partners borrowed from the IP to "." Dot separation of the wording, the domain name can also be separated by the dot, forming many levels. Take as an example, starting from the far right, COM is a first-level domain name, Toutiao is a two-level domain name, www is a three-level domain name .... And so on Theoretically the domain name can have infinite level, but the stipulation is 5 level;

Domain name classification: According to the International classification method, the domain name can be divided into three categories: generic top-level domain, country and region top-level domain name, new top-level domain name.

Generic top-level domain: Directly managed by ICANN, with the most data, the most widely used, the first category appeared, especially COM, is the top-level domain representative, the name of the fighter.

National and regional TLDs: Also known as country domain names, most are administered directly by ICANN, while others are administered by ICANN to individual countries, such as China's top-level domain CN, which is managed by CNNIC. Based on the national conditions and the development of the Internet, the number of domain name registrations, the use of different countries, such as China (CN) and Germany (DE) the use of country domain names is relatively broad, and some small countries are less used.

New gTLDs: Managed by ICANN, assigned to companies or organizations, and therefore referred to as business domain names. In principle, any unit or organization can obtain a new top-level domain name as long as it passes the audit. So the new top-level domain is the most miscellaneous category, the latest statistics, the new top-level domain has thousands of, and registration fees related to a large, typical such as. Bid registration fee is only 3 yuan, and. Car registration fee is tens of thousands.

On the basis of understanding the above concepts, we can invest in the domain name. The principle of domain name investment is very simple: low buy high sell (seemingly equal to not say), specifically to register the domain name, or put, or promote, and then wait for appreciation, looking for buyers.

Registered domain name is an input process, many domestic registration platform, million network, easy name, the west, the mainstream domain name registration price is not expensive (about 50/each), but to note that the domain name is not a pole to buy and sell, the domain name is required to renew each year, the renewal price is generally slightly more expensive than the registration price.

At the same time the domestic registration platform, generally prepared a trading platform (one-stop service), we put the domain name in greater than the registration price of the offer to the trading platform, so that you can wait for the buyers to make money (stealing music). Indeed, the whole process is like this, but not all domain names can make money, the core of domain investment is to select the domain name.

Adhere to the value of investment: the value of investment is relative speculation, choose a domain name, try to be their own serious analysis, look at the amount of search, the same type of use to judge, rather than the same, fry some no reason but also can fire or the price of a large number of registrations and other types of fluctuations. The end user of the domain name is the terminal, from the point of view of the terminal to consider, what domain name is most popular.

Precision Terminal: Refers to more than looking at some news, or more search, specifically for some use the domain name sucks but the traffic or good prospects of the site, and then register the corresponding terminal of the beautiful domain name, wait for the acquisition. Some people are directly replaced by a suffix, so the risk is very large, after all, the terminal has mastered the trademark, he has every reason to arbitrate your.

Hard currency: The so-called hard currency generally refers to x number x sound x spelling, hard currency is characterized by good selling, but the general price is not very high. Of course, the price of hard currency is generally to the same domain name after registration, the price can rise.

Appearance and Meaning: My understanding of the appearance of the more stringent: three letter, all the letters capitalized with Gao Tongkuan, all the letters lowercase with Gao Tongkuan, natural commonly used words, meaning applicable to a wide range. Like COM, and my favorite one.

Seize the opportunity: Play the domain name timing is very important, here refers to a suffix or some type, into the bureau early, the registration price is also lowered, the market is not active, so the funds are tied up, if more than a year, but also to increase the continued cost. Another time also refers to the domain name in the hand, sometimes may market outbreak period has not come up, some impatient people, may be first cheap out.

Therefore, we should constantly monitor the number of registrations, volume, transaction prices, and so on.

Learn the pros and cons: Anyone will be wrong, the market will be wrong, not all domain names can make money. So in time to clear the hands of the rotten domain name, can be low-priced processing, it is not able to deal with the renewal of the fee. Always keep in mind that there will be some loss.

New top: From last year (2015), the new top will be paved market, some terminals also began to start the new top, the oncoming fierce fierce, a great alternative to the original top-level status of the momentum. My suggestion, the new top pick some good play on the line, only play to play only boutique, million not tired. There are some premium domain names, unless the meaning is particularly good, do not touch. After all, the number of new top suffixes is too many to play.

Promotion: You can build a station, you can do a meter, you can hang ads, you can go to QQ group propaganda, in short, strive to let more people know your domain name, to make use of idle domain name to earn a little money.

Liquidity: Never spend all your money, so you may miss the next opportunity to take a chance, you might want to compete for some very beautiful domain names and sell your existing domain names at low prices.

Exchange Summary: More mixed into the group to discuss, read more news, summed up commonly used meters, such as vocabulary, domain name skills can not finish. No two domains, more analysis, more discoveries, I wish you success.

Introduction and tips for Domain name investing

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