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Excel 2010 also has a lot of improvements over the previous version, but the overall change is small, with little impact on all the applications currently on the Office 2007 product platform, but Office 2010 is also up-compatible, that is, it supports the functionality provided in most earlier versions, However, the new version does not necessarily support functionality in earlier versions. In fact, Excel 2010 on the basis of Excel 2007 does not change significantly, the following brief introduction.

1. Enhanced Ribbon tool bar

What is the Ribbon tool bar? In fact, I do not know how to translate, access to Excel 2007 users should be more familiar with. Microsoft Office products have made a lot of improvements from 2003 to 2007 upgrades, involving almost the entire product framework, and a new highlight in the user Interface Experience section is the introduction of the Ribbon toolbar, and the following is a screenshot of Excel 2010.

The single interface with Excel 2007 does not make a particularly big difference, and the theme colors and styles of the interface change. In Excel 2010, the Ribbon is more powerful, the user can set more things, more convenient to use. Also, it is more convenient to create spreadsheet.

2. Compatibility of xlsx format files

xlsx format files are introduced into Office products with Excel 2007, which is a compressed package format file. By default, Excel files are saved into xlsx format files (which can, of course, be saved into a compatible format in the previous version of 2007, and files with VBA macros can be saved in xlsm format), you can modify the suffix to rar, and then use WinRAR to open it, You can see that there are a lot of XML files in it, and this xml-based file provides a great deal of convenience in terms of network transport and programming interfaces. Excel 2007,excel 2010 improves the compatibility of file formats with previous versions and is more secure than the previous version.

3. Excel 2010 Support for the Web

One of the most important improvements in Excel 2010, as compared to the previous version, is the support for Web functionality that allows users to create, edit, and save Excel files directly from the browser, and to share those files through the browser. The Excel Web version is free and users can use the Excel spreadsheet online via the Internet with a Windows Live account, except for some Excel functions, Microsoft claims that the Web version of Excel will be as good as the desktop version of Excel. In addition, EXCEL2010 provides an application interface with SharePoint, where users can even save local Excel files directly to a SharePoint document center.

4. Highlights in the chart

In Excel 2010, a very handy feature is added to the Insert menu, which is called the Sparklines feature, which depicts a wave trend chart based on a set of cell data selected by the user, while the user can have several different types of graphic selections.

This small chart can be embedded in the Excel cell, allowing the user to get a quick visualization of the data that, for stock information, this data representation will be very useful.

5. Other improvements

The network features provided by Excel 2010 also allow Excel to share data with other people, including multiple people working on a document at the same time. In addition, for business users, Microsoft recommends installing the Project Gemini Add-in for Excel 2010, which can handle a very large amount of data, or even billions of rows of worksheets. It will be in

Published in 2010 as part of SQL Server 2008 R2.

There is no improvement to the function under the Vba,developer menu, there is a small place to note that the way to bring up the developer menu has changed. In Excel 2007, we can open the Developer menu through Excel Options-Common, and then enable the Show Developer tab in the Ribbon, but in Excel 2010, this option changes location. Users can find the custom Ribbon in the Excel option by clicking the Office button in the upper-left corner of the Ribbon, and then select the developer on the right of the list.

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