Introduction of real-time protection function of Tencent's computer butler

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According to the current network security situation, the computer Butler (7.0.2699 version) for your tailored three major protection system, 16-layer security protection.

The first major protection system: Internet Security

QQ Security Protection: Professional protection QQ theft Trojan intrusion, to protect the use of security QQ;

Online game security Protection: intercept the injection of Trojan horse to protect the security of the online account;

Online shopping security protection: Real time to protect you in the online shopping, to ensure payment security;

Web firewall: Intercepting horse and fraudulent websites to protect internet security;

File Download protection: Intercept the Trojan in the download file to prevent virus intrusion;

Search protection: Automatically identify risks in search results, fraudulent web sites.

The second major protection system: application of Portal protection

Desktop Icon Protection: block malicious programs tampering with desktop icons to prevent the system from being destroyed;

Camera protection: To prevent the camera from being secretly opened, to protect your privacy security;

U disk Firewall: Real-time monitoring U disk, to prevent virus through U disk infection system;

ARP protection: intercepts the LAN Trojan attack, prevents the system to be controlled.

Third-party protection system: System Bottom Protection

Process protection: To intercept the operation of malicious process to prevent the system from being destroyed;

Registry protection: Block malicious programs to modify the system registry to prevent the system from being compromised;

File System Protection: Real-time monitoring file operation to prevent virus infection system;

Drive protection: Intercept the malicious program load driver to prevent the system from being destroyed;

Vulnerability firewall: Automatic detection system of the latest loopholes, timely reminder repair;

Hacker intrusion Protection: real-time interception of hacker attacks to prevent the system from being controlled.

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