Introduction of ZBrush Template Control Board

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Today's small series to teach you to Know ZBrush template Control Board.


The ZBrush template acts like all of the drawing tools we know, through which we determine the location of the template around the paint or model, and how to use the default "curve board" template or use a custom shape:

1. Open the stencil (template) control and activate the template, the default "curve board" will appear.

2. Use Stencilcoincontroller (stencil casting Controller) to change the size and position.

3. Draw or model through the template or around.

Like Alpha,stencil (template) is sensitive to grayscale values, that is, an area with 50% gray values allows painting and sculpture at 50% intensity.

  Custom Template Shapes

  Standard Alpha Shape

Generate a template from the currently selected alpha by pressing the Alpha>make St (Generate Template) button.

  Import file

The Alpha Control Board imports. BMP (Windows bitmap). PSD (Photoshop). JPG (Jpeg) or PICT (MAC). If you import color images, they are automatically converted to grayscale, and then press make St (the resulting template) to use the templates.

  Control Board Controller

  Stencil on (open template)

Activates the template feature.

  INVR (Reversed phase)

The inverse of the template property, the open area turns off, and the closed area becomes open.

  Interactive (Mutual)

Start Stencilcoincontroller (stencil casting Controller)

  Stretch (stretching)

The zoom template fits the canvas area.

  Actual (Actual)

Back up the stencil to the actual size.

  Horiz (horizontal)

Scales the scale to fit the canvas's horizontal size.

  Vert (vertical)

Proportional scaling fits the vertical size of the canvas.

  Wrap mode (wrapped)

The stencil is adapted to the shape of the object underneath it.

  Res (resolution)

Higher values produce more accurate packages and slow interaction speeds, with default values of 64 and ranges from 8 to 256.

  Smooth (Smooth)

A higher value produces a smooth package with a default value of 4 and a range of 0 to 32.

  Show (Display)

Show/Hide Templates


Template color controller, when used alone, the template will be red, can be used in combination with G and B.


Template color controller, when used alone, the template will be green and can be used in combination with R and B.


Template color controller, when used alone, the template will be blue, can be used in combination with R and G.


The elevation mode, which turns off usually displays and displays its tonal variations on the surface of the object.

  Die Casting Controller

Place the pointer in the development area of the canvas, press and hold the SPACEBAR, the template casting controller will appear sub-pointer position, still hold down the space bar, in the casting controller click or drag a command to shift the template or adjust the template size.

  Move absolute (absolute move)

Relative to the object moving the template.

The template is oriented next to the object surface.

  Scale horizontal (horizontal scaling)

Horizontal zoom template.

  Uniform scaling (uniform scaling)

Horizontal and vertical scaling.

  Scale Vertical (vertical scaling)

Vertical Zoom template.

  Move relative (relative move)

Move the stencil relative to the screen.

  Rotate s (s rotation)

Rotates the mode on the z-axis of the screen.

  Free rotation (rotate freely)

Rotate mode in any direction.

  Rotate Z (z rotation)

Rotates on the stencil's own z-axis.

More ZBrush detailed explanation:

Introduction of ZBrush Template Control Board

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