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As a newbie who has just been familiar with Mac OS x lion, the biggest experience is that various tools such as Perl, PHP, Python, Vim, and Emacs that have been configured on Mac OS X lion are very convenient. This not only facilitates developers to reduce the size of software packages, but also facilitates common users to use these for development.

I have been familiar with some software in Mac OS x, and I think it is easy to use. It is now recorded here for reference by Mac OS beginners. (Some of them are pre-installed Mac OS software)

1. Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (RDC)

Function: a tool used to connect to a remote Windows desktop on a Mac

Get: Familyid = 68347e0d-44d3-4065-99bb-b664b27ee1f0 & displaylang = ZH-CN # quickdetails

2. xcode

Function: IDE for Mac OS or IOS Application Development

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3. Dictionary (pre-installed)

Function: queries the word, Apple term, and Wikipedia term.

Introduction: there is a "Dictionary" Application in Mac OS X 10.7.2 (not used in previous versions). It can query both words and apple-related entries, it is very convenient to query entries on Wikipedia. Compared with many dictionary software in windows, the "Dictionary" in Mac OS X is very clean and concise, without any advertisement or fancy modification.

4. Radium

Function: FM radio

Introduction: A simple and powerful radio software.

5. iTunes (pre-installed)

Functions: Listen to music, listen to broadcasts, watch videos, etc.

Introduction: Music downloaded to a local device will be listened to by iTunes and automatically loaded to play now. Related Information and album covers will be added to the music file. You can also listen to radio broadcasts. In addition, the music management function is powerful, including automatic classification of singers, albums, and preference sorting.

6. MySQL workbench

Function: client software for MySQL database

Introduction: we are familiar with the essential software of MySQL.

7. VMWare

Function: Virtual Machine Software

Introduction: You should have used VMware and virtualbox on Windows or Linux with a UI interface. After installing windows on the Mac, VMWare is perfectly compatible with Mac OS X. Of course, you can also use it to install Solaris, Linux, and FreeBSD.

8. Zoc

Function: SSH client software

Introduction: This is similar to securecrt for Windows users.

9. 1 Password

Function: Password Management Software

Introduction: you can

10. iwork

Function: office software

Description: Page, keynode, and numbers correspond to Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, respectively.

11. Microsoft Office 2011 Mac OS

Function: office software

Description: it is the same as MS Office in windows.

12. betterzip

Function: compression and decompression software

Introduction: compression formats such as zip、rar、tar.gz and 7zip can be applied.

13. cleanmymac

Function: System cleanup Software

Introduction: easy to use features

14. Thunder

Function: Download Tool

Introduction: there are no strangers to thunder, but the thunder of Mac OS is really clean and there is no advertisement :)

15. activity monitor (pre-installed)

Function: Process Management Software

Introduction: The function is equivalent to the Job Manager in windows.

16. Key string access (pre-installed)

Function: Password memory

Introduction: helps you store passwords and provides access management

17. Airport (pre-installed)

Function: Mac user interconnection Software

Introduction: other Mac users in a relatively small scope can connect to each other

18. Console (pre-installed)

Function: Console

Introduction: CMD in windows and terminal in Linux

19. ISTAT menus

Function: monitors CPU, memory, network usage or traffic, and temperature.

Introduction: Powerful and user-friendly.


20. ichm

Function: CHM software Reader


21. Visual paradigm

Function: UML Tool

Get: Product = vpsuite

22. xquartz

Function: a version of the X Window System that runs on OS X.


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