Introduction to Maximo project implementation

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    • Introduction to Maximo project implementation
Introduction to Maximo project implementation

I have participated in the Maximo project implementation of XX Company since my work. I would like to talk about my feelings at work and my understanding of Maximo. Thank you.

[B] understanding of Maximo [/B]
Maximo is a foreigner's software and a mature platform-level system launched by J2EE. It integrates the management methods and concepts of foreigners. The key points of Maximo are tickets and workflows. The ticket is a work task and runs on the workflow. The focus of the system is the management of workflows rather than the management of devices. Around the management workflow, Maximo includes several tree-like systems, such as the location system and Device Classification System. It does not have a deep understanding of Maximo and will gradually increase its understanding in future work.

[B] how I feel at work [/B]
1. [B] About localization [/B]. Because Maximo is a foreign software, the management ideas and models of foreign counterparts are certainly different from those in China. In the project implementation process, on the one hand, we should guide customers to accept the management ideas of Maximo and change their original management methods. On the other hand, the implementers should also strive to meet customers' needs, we try our best to cater to our customers on the premise that our technologies can be implemented. After all, our customers are God and food and clothing. This raises a question. It is impossible to change the size of the secondary development without modifying it at all, because the foreign content is destined to be incompatible with China's national conditions in some places. The other extreme is to fully cater to the customer and make changes based on the customer's intention. This will make developers suffer, because sometimes the means used to achieve an effect are far-fetched, second, changing the original software completely outweighs the original intention of choosing foreign advanced management software. Therefore, it is important for both parties to carefully consider how to balance the change with the change.

2. [B] guide the customer [/B]. During the implementation process, we will find that customers often make repeated changes to a business problem. The reason is that the customer is still exploring and trying to solve this business problem. In this case, the implementer needs to thoroughly communicate with the customer, understand the customer's intention, propose the optimal solution that best meets the customer's needs under the existing conditions, and guide the customer to accept the suggestions from the implementer. This is a win-win process. The implementer must have a deeper understanding of the system than the customer and have more experience. Therefore, the suggestions are more feasible and secure, which is beneficial to the customer. However, the determination of the customer's demand is undoubtedly a good news for developers. This will greatly reduce the workload of developers and shorten the project implementation time.

3. [B] grass-roots promotion [/B]. The success or failure of project implementation must be proved by facts. Terminal users have the most say in a software system. Therefore, the software must pay attention to the user's feelings. To make the user feel comfortable with your software, it is to improve work efficiency and reduce the workload. In this way, the user will like to use your software, and the project implementation will be successful. The end of the command line era is the GUI, which is supported by people because of its user-friendly interface and simple operation. Why not Maximo? In fact, in the face of the complicated information on the Maximo page, we will feel overwhelmed by the information of engineering and technical personnel. How can we accept so much information and learn complicated operations as a customer? Since the basic framework of Maximo cannot be changed, we need to make the page beautiful and concise as much as possible, but the most important thing is to do a good job of promotion, training and telephone technical support play an important role. Our patience will make our customers moved and willing to learn new software. After all, we are fortunate to be able to reject new things for customers with limited computer skills.

4. [B] Data Collection [/B]. We know that data flowcharts are equally important in software engineering and business flowcharts. An advanced management mode, a powerful software platform, and no backend database support are available. The correctness and completeness of basic data are essential for the healthy and stable operation of the system. However, data collection is not easy due to the gap between reality and ideal. First, the data provided by the customer has a sequence in time, rather than being submitted together at a time. Whether the data is complete and the differences between the data versions are a problem. Second, due to the uneven computer usage of grass-roots technical personnel, the data submitted is also varied. It is mainly reflected in the format, Font, unit, and data type, which brings great trouble to data import. The implementer needs to spend a lot of manpower and time to sort out basic data, leading to the risk of misprocessing.

5. [B] response cycle [/B]. There are many factors that determine the project implementation time. Aside from the developer's development speed, the most influential factor is the customer's response speed. Generally, when Party B issues a problem to be resolved to Party A, Party A will go through a period from top to bottom, then from bottom to top, and finally respond to Party B. This process is too long for me. Party B personnel can only sigh with enthusiasm for Party A's internal execution and efficiency. Is there a good way to effectively promote this process and shorten the response time, which is beyond the scope of my capabilities. However, it should be noted that when the problem to be solved is in the critical path of project implementation, the problem becomes a Bottleneck Hindering the project progress.

6. [B] implementer quality [/B]. Excellent projects require excellent implementation teams. The individual qualities and mutual cooperation of implementers determine the strength of the team. As an implementation engineer of Maximo, we must have three qualities. The most basic is software skills, such as J2EE and databases, Maximo understanding and flexible use, and enterprise business understanding and integration. This process involves the ability to learn, communicate, and solve problems. The core is the ability to solve problems. When a problem is encountered, it is not the key to failing to solve the problem. The key is to analyze the cause of the problem, find ideas, and combine modern information acquisition methods such as search engines, quickly and efficiently find a solution to the problem, which is the core competitiveness of an engineering technician. As an old professor said, "capabilities are always greater than knowledge ".

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