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Qt Quick is a set of technologies designed to help developers design intuitive, modern, and fluent user interfaces that have been widely used in mobile phones, media players, set-top boxes and other hand-held devices in recent years. Qt Quick contains a large number of user interface elements, and a declarative (declarative) language that describes these user interfaces, and a language runtime. A series of C + + APIs are integrated with these high-level features in a typical QT application. The integrated development environment of QT Creator2.1 (IDE) contains the necessary tools to develop a QT quick application.

QML language
QML is a high-level descriptive language. Its commands and decent elements can balance the functionality and efficiency of the QT library, and it is easy to use commands that perform intuitive functions. Drawing a rectangle, displaying the picture, and the application event-can be done in this declarative (declarative) program.

This language also allows you to use JavaScript to control these commands flexibly and to achieve high-level user interface logic.

To facilitate the definition of elements, usually QML elements have various attributes. For example, if you want to define a circle, you might have a radius as its property. Building a user interface with imported elements is a major feature of QML and Qt quick.

qtdeclarative Module

The Qtdeclarative module was introduced for the creation of Qt QUICK,QT. The module creates a JavaScript runtime in which QT supports QML running. Since both Qtdeclarative and QML are built on QT, they inherit a lot of QT technology, That is, the signal slot (signals and slots) mechanism and the Meta object (Meta-object) system. Data objects created in C + + can be accessed directly in QML, and QML objects can also be manipulated directly in C + + code.

The qtdeclarative module coordinates the QML language, isolating the interface logic from the application logic of C + +.

Creator Tools

Qt Creator is a complete integrated development tool (IDE) based on the QT Quick and QT application framework.

The main purpose of Qt creator is to meet the needs of QT quick developers to make it simple, easy-to-use, efficient, extensible, open, and reduce the threshold for Qt and QT Quick newcomers. The main feature of Qt Creator is to allow UI designers and developers to accomplish the following tasks:

§ Use examples and tutorials and project wizards to quickly learn to use QT quick to develop applications.

§ Use the Consolidated Editor QT Quick Designer to design the application user interface, or use the drawing software design user interface to import the design into QT Quick Designer using a script.

Use the Advanced Code Editor to develop applications, provide powerful code completion, refactor code functionality, and view QML file element inheritance hierarchy capabilities.

§ Develop QT quick applications for a variety of desktop or mobile platforms, such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Symbian, and Maemo.

§ Debug JavaScript functions in the current context and execute JavaScript expressions, viewing the QML object structure, animation debugging information, and color information at run time.

§ Deploy applications to mobile devices and create installation packages for Symbian and Maemo devices, released via OVI storage devices and other channels.

§ Easy access to help information with context-sensitive QT help systems.

can jump page

QT Quick Page links a variety of qt quick themes such as qml features, addons, and tools.
QML examples and Demos pages are a shortcut to learning QML applications.
Licensing Information

§QT Quick Licensing Information

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