Introduction to Xen, OpenVZ, KVM, Hyper-V, VMware virtualization Technologies

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VPS Hosting providers at home and abroad are mostly based on Xen, OpenVZ, KVM, Hyper-V, VMware five virtualization technologies.

One, Xen official website:

Developed by the University of Cambridge, Xen is a hardware-based, fully segmented, resource-only resource that can be allocated on a physical basis, making it difficult to sell over. Can be divided into XEN-PV (semi-virtualized), and XEN-HVM (full virtualization).

Xen is not oversold memory and hard disk, when the parent server only 16G memory and 100G hard disk, when the Xen architecture (any one of the virtualized) 1G memory, 25G hard disk, will directly occupy the server 1G memory, and 25G hard disk, so Xen performance, Better than OpenVZ in the case of oversold.

XEN-PV: Semi-virtualized, so it is only applicable to the Linux series VPS, but it has less performance loss, probably relative to the master machine of about 4%-8%.
XEN-HVM: Full virtualization, can install Windows or free mount ISO files to install any system, because it is full virtualization, so the performance of a large loss, probably relative to the loss of 8%-20% of the machine's performance.

Xen for people: more budget, and want VPS with higher performance customers
Xen Note: Note the difference between XEN-PV and XEN-HVM.
Xen Available Systems: XEN-PV: Pure LINUX,XEN-HVM: Supports Windows, Linux, and more.
Xen Rep Merchant:

Second, OpenVZ official website:

OpenVZ (OVZ) is the kernel of SWsoft's Virutozzo virtualized Server Software PRODUCT, which is a Linux platform-based OS-level server virtualization architecture. This architecture directly calls the core in the parent server (master machine), simulating the generation of sub-servers (VPS, small machines), so that it has been virtualized relative to the parent server, the performance loss is probably only 1-3%.

Of course, OpenVZ can be oversold, meaning a server with a total of 16G of memory, he can be configured for 1G memory x17 more than the sub-server. Because his virtual architecture relationship belongs to: How many customers to deduct the number of the parent server, so the OPENVZ architecture of the VPS is cheaper. But because of the oversold factors, if the service provider endless oversold will lead to a sharp decline in server performance.

OpenVZ Another feature is that it is the kernel that calls the parent server directly, so it can cause some software to be unusable, and some kernel files cannot be modified.

OpenVZ applicable crowd: novice, low budget customer
OPENVZ Note: Resources are not their own unique, installation of VPN services need to pay attention to detect virtual network card support.
OpenVZ Available Systems: Linux (Windows not supported)
OpenVZ representative Merchant:

Third, KVM website:

KVM is a full-featured virtualization architecture under Linux, with a KVM-based VPS, which, by default, does not have a system and can upload its own ISO or call-to-service ISO manual installation system. This is perfect for those who love DIY their VPS.

KVM-based VPS are more expensive, but KVM VPS is more free than other architectures due to the KVM architecture's full-featured virtualized architecture and even independent BIOS control, which has a large impact on the performance of the parent server.

KVM for people: tossing the Emperor
KVM Considerations: Virtualization performance is slightly lower than Xen
KVM Available Systems: Windows, Linux series
KVM Rep Merchant:

Iv. Hyper-V Web site:

Hyper-V is a Microsoft virtualization product, most of the domestic VPS service providers Use this architecture, mainly because of its conversion to Windows customization, easy to manage. The current Hyper-V also supports Linux, except for the more severe performance penalty.

Hyper-V perfectly supports Windows systems, including 32-bit and 64-bit. If you buy a Hyper-V architecture VPS, it is highly recommended to use Windows.

Hyper-V is currently not available for oversold memory, but can be oversold for hard drives, which are deducted based on customer usage. In general, the server's hard disk will not be 100% run out, this does not worry.

Hyper-V for People: Windows system enthusiasts
Hyper-V Considerations: Linux Operating System performance is low
Hyper-V Available systems: Windows, Linux

v. VMWare website:

VMWare is a full-featured, fully virtualized software developed by leading manufacturers of desktop to data center virtualization solutions worldwide. However, since VMware is very expensive to set up a series of licenses for similar VPS (with standalone panels), most VMware service providers use VMware workstations (VMware Workstation) to provide VPS.

VPS using VMware Workstation (VMware Workstation) is no Control Panel, the operating system needs to be manually installed, but now the online search for the VMware Workstation God key is very easy, for VPS service providers to save a lot of money. The VPS service is generally used for new startups.

Virtual VPS with VMware Workstation can be oversold because, like the OPENVZ architecture, the amount of memory used by the sub-machine is deducted from the system, but if physical memory is low, it can cause the parent server to use Windows virtual memory.

VMware for people: Customers who are serious about building a station or hanging a machine
VMware considerations: No Control Panel
VMware available Systems: Windows, Linux series

The above measure of oversold refers to memory, disk, other hardware conditions, such as network bandwidth, CPU, etc. are not in the scope of consideration.

Vi. the differences between Xen and OpenVZ
Xen consists of dom0 and Domu, DOM0 is a virtual CPU, IO General line and other resources, for working on domu different kernel run.
The advantage of this is that
1. There are fewer restrictions on operating systems that can be run.
2. The crash of the system on the domu does not affect the other DOM. Of course, there will still be problems when the Dom0 fails.
1. Because of the need for physical resources such as virtual Cpu,bus, the overhead will be greater.

OpenVZ uses a completely different approach, and the virtual machines it creates are used to work under the same kernel.
The advantage of this is that
1. Good performance.
1. Any kernel bug can compromise all virtual machines. The likelihood of crash by kernel bugs is greatly increased.
2. He needs to make a lot of changes to the kernel.

Distinguish the most obvious, XEN VPS has swap area, based on RHEL5 OpenVZ VPS No swap area, based on RHEL6 OpenVZ VPS has vswap area.

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Introduction to Xen, OpenVZ, KVM, Hyper-V, VMware virtualization Technologies

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