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Apache SOLR 4.0 has been released for a while, and the latest SOLR modification is still very large. Especially from the background management interface, it is easier to experience and manage it. By default, the multi-core mode is used, and multiple collections can be managed, monitored, and optimized. From the perspective of the kernel, SOLR 4 also brings many new things, such as SOLR cloud, realtime get, and NRT (near-real-time search) master/Slave extensions are integrated with zookeeper and join queries.

Install SOLR 4

1. Download solr4

2. decompress the package and enter the example folder.

3. Start SOLR

java -jar start.jar

If no error is reported during startup, SOLR can be used after installation is complete. Open your browser and enter the URL http: // localhost: 8983/SOLR/. The following SOLR interface is displayed:

The new SOLR admin management interface mainly includes dashboard, log, SOLR Collection Management, thread management, and system information. Then each collection has a separate query, retrieval, and other management interface.

Go to collection1 (a collection by default), and you can see the following menu for managing collection:

The interface before SOLR is non-Ajax, and multiple collections do not have a uniform UI interface. You can refer to the previous SOLR series to see what it looked like before SOLR 4.0.

  • Drupal integration ApacheSolr-3.x and Chinese Word Segmentation
  • Apache SOLR Quick Start package and Chinese Word Segmentation Integration

Although the background management of solr4 has changed a lot, the URL changes of the API are not great. We listed SOLR
4 api url for your reference.


Currently, there are no ready-to-use modules for integration of SOLR 4 and Drupal. However, because the interaction URL is not changed much, I believe that using some modifications to the existing API can directly integrate Drupal with solr4.


Finally, we will introduce lucidworks. Lucidworks is an enterprise-level SOLR application, including SOLR integration and various data indexes (file, FTP, database, web-HTTP, hadoop, and Amazon cloud), index management, server monitoring, and so on. Previously called lucidimagination, and then called lucidworks.

The following two documents show the general workflow of lucidworks.

Lucidworks dashboard


Lucidworks index data source management


A small detail: When I tested lucidimagination (the predecessor of lucidworksd), I found solr4 and the new admin UI, but when I was testing the latest version, it is strange to find that the old admin UI and beta solr4 are used.

Lucidworks Big Data

Lucidworks big data is an integrated search service that provides the management, retrieval, and query services for massive data volumes. It mainly includes the following components:

Product Brief Description Version
Lucidworks Provides search and discovery capabilities, plus connectors to common data sources 2.1 plus plugins-SOLR 4.0-Snapshot
Apache hadoop Provides distributed storage and general purpose distributed computation 1.0.2
Apache mahout Scalable Machine Learning 0.6
Apache hbase Provides distributed storage for fast lookups Based on hadoop. used to store metrics, user info and history, time series data 0.92
Apache zookeeper Provides distributed synchronization, configuration, etc. 3.4.3
Apache pig Provides high-level language for manipulating large data sets for analytics and ETL 0.9.2
Apache Kafka Provides distributed pub-sub mechanic for real time distributed data sharing and for aggregating logs into HDFS 0.7.0 (incubating)
Apache oozie Distributed Workflow coordination 3.2.0-snapshot for compatibility with hadoop 1.0.2
Restlet Rest API capabilities 2.1-RC3
Behemoth Hadoop based document processing workflow Trunk

Lucidworks product suite


Reference Site

  • Http://
  • Http://


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