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"Lead" Blogger Don in his "WEB2.0 concept interpretation," the article mentions that "Web2.0 is Flickr, Craigslist, Linkedin, Tribes, Ryze, Friendster,, and other websites as the representative, to blog, TAG, SNS, RSS, wiki and other social software applications as the core, according to six-degree separation, XML, Ajax and other new theories and technologies to achieve the Internet next Generation model. ”
Facing so many new things that represent the future trend of internet development, perhaps many people still do not know very well, so we have organized a part of the introduction as follows.
blog--Blog/web Log
The full name of the blog should be the Web log, later abbreviated as a blog. Blogging is an easy-to-use site where you can quickly post ideas, communicate with others, and engage in other activities. All of this is free. [Enter the topic]
rss--Site Summary
RSS is a technique that a site uses to share content with other sites (also known as aggregated content). The technology that originally originated from the browser "news channel" is now commonly used for news and other sequential sites, such as blogs. [Enter the topic]
wiki--is a multi-person collaborative writing tool. Wiki sites can be maintained by multiple people (or even any visitor), and everyone can express their opinions or expand or explore common themes.
A wiki refers to a hyper-text system. This hypertext system supports community-oriented collaborative writing, and also includes a set of assistive tools to support this writing. Some people think that the wiki system belongs to a human knowledge grid system, we can browse, create, change the wiki text on the basis of the web, and the cost of creating, changing, publishing is much smaller than the HTML text, and the wiki system supports community-oriented collaborative writing. Provide the necessary assistance for collaborative writing; Finally, the wiki writers naturally form a community, and the wiki system provides a simple communication tool for the community. Wikis are easy to use and open when compared to other hypertext systems, so Wiki systems can help us share knowledge within a community. [Enter the topic]
NET Pick
"Web Pick", also known as "page bookmarks", originated from a U.S. website called, a Web service called "Social Bookmarking" (Social Bookmarks), which netizens call "delicious bookmarks", which has been provided since 2003. (Delicious in English means "delicious; interesting"). [Specific introduction]
sns--Social Network
Social network Sofwaret, social networking software, based on the six degree theory, to understand friends as the basis of friends, to expand their network. [Enter the topic]
p2p--Peering Network
Peer is the abbreviation of Peer-to-peer, peer in English has "(status, ability, etc.) equal", "colleague" and "partner" and other meanings. In this way, peer-to can be understood as "partner to partner", "point-to-point" meaning, or referred to as Peer Networking. At present, it is believed that it has a promising future in strengthening the communication, file Exchange and distribution calculation of the people in the network. [Enter the topic]
im--Instant Messenger
Instant Messaging (Instant Messenger, IM) software can be said to be the most Internet users in China's most used software.
Chatting has been one of the main activities of Internet users, the main tools of online chat has been from the initial chat room, the forum into MSN, QQ as the representative of instant messaging software. Most people will open their MSN or QQ as long as they surf the internet.
as the most Frequently used network software, live chat has broken through as a technological tool of the limit, is considered to be a symbol of modern communication, and to build a new social relationship. It is by far the most profound changes in human social life, a new form of network, no limit of communication will bring no limit to life. [Enter the topic]
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