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We are moving towards a more terminal era, which is a challenge and an opportunity.

What can we do about the multi-terminal screen? Where can we start?

Here are a few features of the multi-terminal screen, I hope to explore with you and bring inspiration.

Sync Sex

Whether it is any device, time or place, users want to be able to obtain (the same) information or data from any terminal. The device can maintain data synchronization and management for the user, and the information can be accessed or edited across platforms at any time by the user on various device platforms. Therefore, there is a multiple terminal screen synchronization characteristics.


1. Kindle, you can interrupt the ebook reading at any time, switch other devices to read, the application will remember the last reading position.

2. icloud, the user's calendar, contacts, documents, music and photos automatically synchronized to the Apple server, so no matter what device to use, can be kept up to date. This includes the latest power Nap, and is also designed for timely data synchronization.

3. Chrome Bookmark Cloud Sync

4. Dropbox and other cloud notes products.


The relevance of a multiple terminal screen is the feature that is still available under different screens of the various devices. Therefore, the product is required to have a good cross-platform experience. For different devices and screen sizes, let the content rearrange, the logical framework for adjustment, and as far as possible to maintain product consistency and unified experience.


1. EverNote, which can be run on many platforms and devices (desktop applications, browser applications, ipads and smartphone clients), can provide users with a consistent experience even though the applications on different screens and devices look different.

2. Netflix, a video provider, provides on-demand services for equipment and specific televisions, tablets, laptops and smartphones from across the country.

of shared

In some cases, the information is too large and one screen does not have enough space to display. Therefore, the need to use a combination of multiple screens, so that the information is fully presented, so there is a multi-terminal screen sharing characteristics


1. Company to facilitate the work of designers with dual monitors

2. A project at the MIT Media Lab, which forms a virtual, oversized space to work together through several different displays.

Steering nature

Users will want to switch different types of devices to meet their needs in different scenarios. A variety of devices themselves can be used to change information at any time, without losing any information or significantly interrupt the flow of functionality, resulting in a multiple terminal screen steering characteristics.


Apple's Airplay. You can view the same movie by switching different mobile devices for different scenarios. The information contained in the movie is transferred to another device for continued use (e.g., switching from TV to iPhone use).


Each kind of equipment's mutual communication and the mutual reaction, may increase the enhancement interaction the quality, causes the equipment to be mutually beneficial. In addition, in most applications, a device can be used as a navigation, or other device to interact with the remote device to control the information on another screen. The use of complementary features of multiple terminal screens is becoming more common.


1. The smartphone turns into a TV remote.


2. An iPhone with an iPad screen combined with a Scrabble app.

Simultaneous sex

The concurrent nature of a multi terminal screen is to add the user's creation and interaction value through parallel content, combining at least two or several different devices, exchanging and transmitting information to each other.


1. In parallel use of televisions and tablets, the information displayed on the screen only on the Tablet PC can be a supplemental part. While watching TV, you can use Twitter and Facebook to edit related information on your Tablet PC.

2. ABC's intern Grace synchronizes the application and lets the audience participate in event interaction. While the show is on TV, the audience can start the program during the performance and participate in the survey interaction through real-time chat.

3. Coca-Cola's interactive marketing broad


4.13th Street Last Call interactive movie



Despite the gradual maturation of cloud synchronization and cloud storage, there are still large gaps and deficiencies in other areas such as multiple-screen interaction. With the intervention of intelligent TV, it is bound to derive more new play and related services, in-depth discussion and research, will be able to bring users a more interactive experience.

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