Introduction to Software engineering, team organization and management, development process

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Through the study of books 1th, 5 and 17, I know that software = program and software engineering, which is the process of applying systematic, orderly and quantifiable methods to the development, operation and maintenance of software.

There are a number of ideal team models in the book, such as the attending physician mode, star mode, community mode, amateur theatre model, secret team, spy team, symphony Orchestra mode, jazz mode, functional team mode, and bureaucratic model. I personally think that the ideal team model should be all the division of labor, to play the strengths of everyone. Good communication skills responsible for collecting customer needs, logical thinking carefully responsible for software design, programming ability is responsible for software development and maintenance, and then a leader to summarize, each team member of the work has a division of labor and cooperation is relatively free.

The process from start to finish of a software is: 1, business modeling, that is, using precise language to describe the user's activities. 2, needs, developers and users to analyze and confirm the software system to provide what kind of function to meet customer needs, the function of what constraints, how to verify the function to meet the needs of users. 3, analysis and design, the need to transform into a system design. 4, the realization, the engineer according to the design, will develop the component together with the verification module submits to the system. 5, test, verify the correctness of all components delivered at this stage, the correctness of the interaction between components, and verify that all requirements have been correctly implemented. 6. Deploy, generate the final version and distribute the software to the end customer. 7. Configuration and change management 8, Project management 9, environment

As a software engineer, there are many rules for the public, customers and employers, and so on. These principles need to be adhered to!

Introduction to Software engineering, team organization and management, development process

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