Introduction to the application of NFC technology in the field of mobile interconnection

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NFC (Near Field communication) is close-range wireless communication technology. Developed by Philips and Sony, NFC is a non-contact identification and interconnection technology that enables close wireless communication between mobile devices, consumer electronics, PCs, and intelligent control tools. NFC provides a simple, touch-only solution that allows consumers to easily and intuitively exchange information, access content and services.

Operation Steps:

NFC technology is mainly used for the short distance data communication of handheld devices, which originates from the Non-contact Radio Frequency identification (RFID) and interconnection technology between wireless devices.

NFC combines an inductive card reader, an inductive card and a point-to-point function on a single chip to identify and exchange data with compatible devices within a short distance.

Frequency band: 13.56MHZ

Communication distance: about 10 cm

Standard specification:

Comply with ISO ISO18092, ISO21481 standards,

Compatible with existing contactless smart card ISO14443 standards

Transmission speed:

The transfer rate can be

106KBIT/S, 212kbit/s, 424 kbit/s

RFID reader through the antenna and RFID tag for wireless communication, can achieve the label identification code and memory data reading or writing operations

NFC uses two-way recognition and connectivity, and there is no fixed master-slave relationship between the parties, and communication can be initiated by any NFC device.

NFC compared to RFID with the characteristics of proximity, high bandwidth, low energy consumption

NFC is commonly used in access control, bus, mobile phone payment and other fields

RFID is used in production, logistics, tracking, asset management

The comparison between NFC and other wireless communication technologies

Compatible with the existing contactless smart card technology, has become an increasing number of major vendors to support the formal standards;

Compared with other wireless connection modes, NFC is a kind of close and intimate communication mode, which provides easy, safe, rapid and automatic communication between various devices.

Compared with RFID, it has the characteristics of close proximity, high bandwidth and low energy consumption.

Faster, more reliable, and much simpler than infrared;

Compared with Bluetooth, NFC is for close-range trading, and is suitable for important data such as exchanging financial information or sensitive personal information.

Active mode

Active mode, each device to send data to another device, must produce its own RF field, initiating equipment and target equipment to generate their own RF field, in order to communicate.

This is the standard mode for Peer-to-peer network communication, and can get very fast connection settings.

Passive mode

In passive mode, the initiating device provides the RF field throughout the communication process and sends the data to the target device. The target device does not have to produce an RF field, and the load-modulation technology is used to transmit the data back to the initiating device at the same speed.

NFC Working mode

Card mode application

Point to Point mode application instance-game data sharing

The NFC version of Angry Birds, which can share game data via NFC technology

Reader Mode application example-advertising information query

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