Introduction to the Counter attack

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"Introduction to the Background"

15 years ago, graph King only made thousands of pictures a day to hook up to the Internet to attract traffic.

15 years later, Graph King has retired early and has become an investor.

15 years ago, Guo Jijun in Leshan coal mine machinery factory when an ordinary fitter.

15 years later, Guo Jijun became a 360 marketing director and had his own chest media.

10 years ago, mouchangqing fee Dickens applied for a job as a Web promotion specialist.

10 years later, Mouchangqing has set up his own company.

9 years ago, Lu Songsong applied for a web-making career with a monthly salary of 600.

9 years later, Lu Songsong has been in the Webmaster Circle no one knows, and have their own team.

1 years ago, what were you doing?

1 years later, what are you doing? What has been achieved?


On the Internet, we see a lot of the story of the attack of the cock silk, we see the success of others, but did not see the process of success, when we understand the little bit, just understand how success is experienced after the trek out.

See one after another successful inspirational story, all feel far away from their own, and even to find excuses for themselves, is due to some aspects of others dominant.

The most terrible thing is not the failure to succeed, is not yearning for the direction of the pursuit.

So we set up the counter-attack, and at 4 8 o'clock in the evening per week yy voice (11111511), currently is to inspire friends,

Eight hours a day to sleep, eight hours to work, the same as everyone. The difference between people is how to spend their spare time, 4 eight o'clock in the evening a week, we may not provide you with physical help, but we can help you improve your thinking, grow your pattern, deep analysis of various profit models.

"Customer Testimonials"

"Introduction to the counter-attack"

Because of this, we hope that those who join the counter-attack will be able to make their own career on the Internet.

The attack is due to the large-scale Internet sharing meeting organized by Jackie Chan, Lu Songsong and others. The main share of content has internet entrepreneurship, micro-commerce, self-media, marketing, network Marketing-related knowledge, and during the conference for advertising "Dick Silk" to create entrepreneurial opportunities, looking for entrepreneurial projects, is an honest and reliable Internet help platform. In the call of the counter-attack, the network has a large number of people who want to engage in and have been engaged in internet entrepreneurship, which many successful people.

"Join the Benefits"

    • Each month, we will come up with a profitable project to play with. Help you have no direction, no goal of you, earn a bucket of gold.
    • Every month we organise an interactive campaign to help you build up your fans quickly.
    • Every week, we have an opportunity to mentor you to help you solve your business and development problems.
    • We will send an entity "business card" to anyone who joins a member of the counter attack.
    • Deep analysis of various networks popular profit model, give inspiration.
    • Every year we hold at least one "offline party".
    • We organise at least two "offline themed tours" every year.

"Customer Testimonials"

To say this, I just want to tell you that I am like you are holding on, we are all on the way, those who are our mentors, we just need to learn their best.

The person who has not found the direction, ask his own heart.

Find the direction of the person, ask their own will. How long you can walk, how far you can go!

We all fulfill our promise to ourselves in practice.

As long as people do not lose direction, they will not lose themselves.

This is the purpose of our "counter-attack".

"Contact Information"

Follow the public number: nixi365, reply to "success", you can know what you get?

Introduction to the Counter attack

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