Introduction to the role of SSID broadcast and network key in wireless router

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Major brand manufacturers in the wireless router configuration design has increased the key, prohibit the SSID broadcast and other means, but many people may not understand the wireless router network key and SSID broadcast. This article through the measurement of the way to lead everyone to solve the problem.

  One, SSID broadcast

It is recommended that you name the SSID as a few more personalized names. The SSID is the name you take for your wireless network, the same SSID is used by the same manufacturer's wireless router or AP, and if an attacker who attempts an illegal connection uses a generic initialization string to connect to the wireless network, it is extremely easy to establish an illegal connection that poses a threat to our wireless network.

  II. Disabling SSID Broadcasts

Your wireless network is still available, but it will not appear in the list of available networks that others have searched for, and the efficiency of the wireless network will be affected by the prohibition of SSID Broadcast, but in return for security improvements, it is worthwhile. The wireless network was ignored by the wireless NIC because it did not have a SSID broadcast, especially when using Windows XP to manage the wireless network.

Wireless routers generally provide the ability to allow SSID broadcast, if you do not want your wireless network by others through the SSID name search, then it is best to prohibit the SSID broadcast.

  Third, set the network key

Wireless Encryption Protocol (WEP) is a standard method of encrypting data transmitted in a wireless network, and there are generally two types of keys for a wireless router or AP. For example, the wireless router you use has 64-bit and 128-bit encryption types, and 10 or 26 strings, respectively, as encrypted passwords (figure).

Encrypting settings for a wireless network is extremely important. Many wireless routers or AP at the factory, the data transmission encryption function is closed, if you take to use without further settings, then your wireless network becomes an undefended device.

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