Introduction to the scope and use of Excel charts

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① Bar Chart

Consists of a series of horizontal bars. Makes the relative dimensions of two or more items comparable for a point on the timeline.

For example, it can compare the number of sales for any one of the quarterly, three kinds of products. Each bar chart is a separate data point or number on the worksheet. This is sometimes used interchangeably because it is just tuned to the rows and columns of the column chart.

② Area Map

Displays the amplitude of the change over a period of time. They are especially useful when there are several parts that are changing and you are interested in the sum of those parts.

An area chart allows you to see changes in individual parts, as well as overall changes.

③ Column Chart

Consists of a series of vertical bars that are typically used to compare the relative dimensions of two or more items over a period of time. For example: the quarterly or annual sales of different products, the distribution of funds in different departments in several projects, the number of various types of data each year, etc. A bar chart is a wide range of chart types, and many people start with it from a chart.

④ Line Chart

is used to show trends over a period of time. For example: the data in a period of time is the growth trend, another period of time in the downward trend, we can through the line chart, the future to make predictions. For example: Speed-time curve, thrust-fuel consumption curve, lift coefficient-mach number curve, pressure-temperature curve, fatigue strength-turn curve, transfer power cost-transmission distance curve, etc., can be expressed by line chart, generally applied more in engineering, if one of the data has several situations, There are several different lines in the line chart, such as five athletes in the process of the speed change, there are five lines, you can contrast, you can also add a trendline to predict the speed.

⑤ Stock Chart

is a line chart with three data sequences that is used to display the highest, lowest, and closing prices of a stock for a given period of time. A vertical line is formed by drawing lines between the highest and lowest data points, while the small scale on the axis represents the closing price. Stock charts are used in finance, trade and other industries, to describe commodity prices, currency exchange rates and temperature, pressure measurement, of course, to describe the stock price is the most adept.

⑥ Pie Chart

This is most useful when you are comparing several data to a percentage value in the sum that it forms. The whole pie represents the sum, each of which is represented by a wedge or thin sheet. For example: the sales of different products as a percentage of total sales, units of funds accounted for the proportion of total funds, collection of each category accounted for the number of books. Although the pie chart can only express a data column situation, but because the expression is clear, and easy to learn to use, so in the actual work more. If you want to have multiple series of data, you can use a ring chart.

⑦xy Scatter plot

Shows the relationship between pairs of numbers and the trends they represent. For each pair, a number is plotted on the x-axis, and the other is plotted on the y-axis. Over two points for the axis perpendicular, the intersection is on the chart has a mark. When a large number of these pairs are drawn, a graphic appears. The important function of scatter chart is that it can be used to draw function curve, from simple trigonometric function, exponential function, logarithmic function to more complex mixed function, it can draw the curve quickly and accurately, so it is often used in teaching and scientific calculation.

⑧ Radar Map

Shows how the data changes by center point or other data. The coordinate values of each category are radiated from the center point. Data from the same sequence is connected to the line. You can use a radar map to draw several sequences of internal associations, and it's easy to make a visual comparison. For example: You have three machines with five identical parts, and on the radar map you can draw the amount of wear on each part of each machine.

⑨ other Charts

For example, cylindrical, cone, pyramid, only bar and column chart changes, no outstanding features, and use relatively little, here is not to repeat. Here is to explain: the above is only the general application of the chart, sometimes a group of data can be used in a variety of charts to show, then the specific circumstances to choose. For some charts, the chart looks better if one data series is plotted as a column and the other is drawn as a line or area chart.

In Exce l allow this to create such a combination chart, but if you want to create a combination chart type that Excel does not allow, such as the impossibility of mixing a two-dimensional graph with a three-dimensional diagram, this combination is not possible and the system displays an error message. How do you create a mixed chart? Click the Chart Wizard button and select the Custom Type tab, which also hides 20 chart types, as well as a variety of combination forms. If you are not satisfied with the form of these internal definitions, click the Customize button and follow the wizard to define the new chart type yourself.

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