Introduction to the use of SAS software and statistical analysis

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In general, we will use Excel to statistical test results, in addition to Excel, there are SAS and other software, but also can be statistical test results, I am also a beginner SAS, I would like to introduce you to the simple use of SAS, as I continue to learn statistical knowledge, I also hope to delve deeper into the capabilities of these statistical software and correlate these features with testing. the first part: basic use of SAS software 1: Open SAS software. 2: Enter the following code in the "Program Editor" input Box(The initial time is February 1, 2010 00:00:00, every second to take a data point, there are two lines of statistical data, and in two different forms of display, one is a straight line, one is a curve. )
Data ex;input Price1 price2;time=intnx (' second ', ' 01feb2010:00:00:00 ' dt,_n_-1); format time datetime20.; cards;12.85 15.8822.22 20.2311.55 14.6915.21 13.3319.33 33.5514.56 15.88;proc print data=ex;proc gplot data=ex;plot price 1*time=1 price2*time=2/overlay;symbol1 c=black v=star i=join;symbol2 c=red v=circle i=spline;run;
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Introduction to the use of SAS software and statistical analysis

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