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Today, companies such as Google, Yahoo or Microsoft are announcing or launching new Web services almost every week. Gradually, the new contours of the internet that are hidden behind these services appear to be Web 2.0. But what is it that waits for us?

You can think of the Internet as a person sitting in front of a limited computer. In most cases, these computers are using Microsoft's Windows operating system. Then, the computer adds a line to transmit data, and the other end of the line is a huge database called the Internet.

But in the eyes of Charlene Lee, an analyst at Forrester, Charlene, the Internet is another way: every Internet user has a computer that is not a small computer, but a computing power and a huge storage capacity. This is the point she presented at the "Second Web 2.0 Conference", held recently in San Francisco.

Different perspectives, different sayings. Tim O ' Reilly, the boss of O ' Reilly Professional Press, is judged by the operating system. In his view, only Linux users, every person browsing the Internet, rely on this open system, because Google and Yahoo, the two largest Internet search engines are using Linux system to control their world. In Tim O ' Reilly's view, Windows has little to do with Linux: The PC is at best a monitor with a mouse, compared with the network capabilities we get from broadband.

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In Charlene Lee and O ' Reilly's view, not only is the Internet equivalent to the concept of the database has been outdated, used for blogging (blog), wiki, public bookmarks, etc., there is no boundaries between the creator and consumer information. If the internet is compared to a library, it is that every reader can participate in the creation, that is, not only the universal Internet, but also the national weaving network.

All this was not formed overnight, so O ' Reilly, who played a key role in promoting the concept of Web 2.0, said in an article that this was the evolution of the Internet, not the revolution. But the dynamism of this evolution is now beginning to make the internet's Fathers sit in a restless seat.

The question of ideas and viewpoints

Whether it's Yahoo, Microsoft, EBay, Amazon, Google, AOL, all the most prestigious companies in the Web industry are participating in this year's Web 2.0 conference for the first time, most of them in person, with a lot of new ventures trying to open the Web 2.0 market with unique ideas (startups ) converge. Charlene Lee said: "These big companies have realised that they have to follow the trend." ”

But what on Earth is Web 2.0? A new version that can be downloaded tomorrow? Its definition varies with the interest of its creator. In the words of O ' Reilly, it was "more like a thought."

For Terry Semel, Yahoo's chief executive, the Internet was created by netizens, and "Social software" (Social software, also known as social software) was the key word, such as their "Yahoo 360 degrees" Semel. : 160 million users will be able to use the user-friendly interface, using all the expressions on the Internet-Pictures, video, sound, text, their own organizations interested in the content of their own interconnection.

Streamlining software

There are also signs of change in the area of software development, such as Jason Fried of 37Signals, who asks why Office software has so many functions that few people can use? He proposed the concept of "streamlining software" (lightweight applications) , a "slim" software program that has fewer features but is generally enough to use.

This mode of operation is based on open source technology. With open source technology, flexible small programming teams scattered around the world can "weave" the different modules of the same program together. "Streamlined software" will also work this way, but it is not a static process, but everyone can build their own software, like building blocks, from many small programs.

Take Gmail as an example

Analysts such as Charlene Lee argue that this new approach to software combination will bring an underestimation of competition to traditional desktop software. If people could get more and more free services from the Internet, who would be willing to spend a lot of money to buy software for their desktops? In her view, free map services like "Google Earth" or "Yahoo Maps" are just the beginning of a new wave of "software services".

Google has provided an example of its Gmail email service: This online email service, like all other Internet e-mail services, is available everywhere, as long as it is accessible, but it also includes all mail management features of desktop e-mail programs such as Outlook.

Network services, the prospects are vast, no wonder most of the Web 2.0 of the comments of the Conference are extremely enthusiastic. Many people think of the budding era of the internet in the early 90, when the billions of companies that are now valued are just strange start-ups (startups). But such companies have little chance of surviving today because their ideas, once they are expected to succeed, will soon be acquired by big companies.

Internet services have a lot of gold to Amoy. The gold, for example, could be information, but it is controversial about its legitimacy, such as Gmail, which, in the eyes of German privacy advocates, is likely to be incompatible with the 10th rule of the German Basic Law, the Constitution, to protect telecommunications secrets. Gmail's version searches all of the users ' emails for ads that are related to the content of the message. Is that Yahoo's way of making money is actually based on user information to play a tailored advertising.

"It's not money you pay for network services, it's your personal information," Charlene Lee said, adding that she believes these companies will be cautious about their personal information, and that trust is their most important asset. It is perfectly conceivable, she said, that Google will someday search for keywords in the conversation through its IP Telephony service, depending on the query. The internet company knows everything about you. Of course, people can imagine that the Internet

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