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The method of configuring IPV6 under Windows 7 is basically similar to Vista, in view of the need for users to use the author to organize two articles on IPV6 under Windows 7, I hope to help users. (Note, in view of the different network configuration environment of each campus or other place, if the configuration is not successful according to the following method can further consult the relevant network management personnel, or select the networking client)

Method One, manual easy setting

1. Access to the Network Sharing Center by the quick Link (Open network and Sharing Center)

2, click to enter the local connection (Connection)

3, click on the properties for IPV6 configuration

4, fill in the Found IPV6 related content (get address for example:

Method Two: Program realization

1, first given the settings win7 (Vista Setup method is the same) through the ISATAP on the IPv6 method:

Enter CMD in the runtime, and then right-click on the command prompt-run as administrator, and then enter the following information on the command line:

Netsh (carriage return, below all as long as the input greater than the symbol after the content, below)




Netsh>interface>ipv6>isatap>set Router

Netsh>interface>ipv6>isatap>set State Enabled


This command line is set method, to explain is that router, is this thing, is actually the school tunnel (ISATAP), has been using this tunnel connection, the result is not connected, Now of course we know it's our school this tunnel is not in the Win7 under the special 64-bit system, the results of a chance to change the large DNS, the results come out of the results can be resolved ... Direct Baidu a bit on the big ISATAP (in fact, do not Baidu also know, from the naming rules can be seen on the big ISATAP is, then, can be on the IPv6.

But this is not the end. Because of the use of the big DNS and ISATAP, I went up to the big Le BT, download the dead and alive are not connected, and on and are able to go up, indicating that I am indeed IPv6, but on the joy of BT on the show is IPv4, and no BT connection ... This is used to download the IPv6, the results can not download, so, and changed the settings, remove DNS, let it automatically get, the result is still not. So try to use other university's tunnel connection, the result, Hust (China Dayang) The speed is best, and on what IPv6 all have no problem, see IPv6 TV also no problem, chose it!

Now you see it? Although hundreds of universities have opened IPv6, not all schools are support for Win7 (or very good support, because sometimes it can not), but a few universities are sure, now give the most common speed of the best three (mentioned above two): (Tsinghua University) (on the big) (China Dayang) (handed in)

There are other schools also support, you can album Baidu, try to find out the fastest! For example, the speed of USTC may be good, but it seems not very stable.

In addition, in this way if you still do not go, it is best in the Device Manager point view-View the hidden device, and then disable that Teredo, if you can not do this!

Also, in this way, in the local connection or the reality of the IPv6 is connected to the limited, can not pipe, so use!

Properties of a local connection-tcp/ipv6 properties must be automatically acquired, can not manually set ha!

What IPv6 can do! Yes, except for the comparison. Clear TV and 10m/s (if other people can not speed up to more than 20), it seems to do nothing else, but the flow is free, on foreign sites can also be a supplement to the IPv4, but also to the slow campus network and the damn External network * * * A kind of "crack" it!

Attached, test whether it is IPV6 environment:


If it is IPV4 see the following page of the small turtle is still, is IPV6 see will swim to swim.

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