Invalid virtualbox keyboard, USB device problems, seamless mode problems, sound card exclusive Problems

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Virtualbox keyboard is invalid, USB device problems, seamless mode problems, sound card exclusive issue Strategy 1, invalid keyboard: Install scim-bridge-client-qt and log on again. 2. Seamless mode Dislocation: set the value to 16 bits in vbox to OK. in seamless mode, at least one Windows window must be retained. 3. Windows cannot share the net use x: // svrbox/$ your_1__dir with Linux Through Network folders, and the system prompts that the shared resource name cannot be found. solution, install the Virtualbox extension enhancement toolkit again in Windows. 4, Virtualbox exclusive sound, so after Vbox is started, Ubuntu has no sound solution: Install the Pulseaudio package, and set the VBox sound to use the Pulseaudio driver. 5. USB device problems: the simplest way for GUEST to identify USB devices is as follows: $ sudo gedit/et C/fstab add # the USB group # To the end to enable the read and write permissions for all users of the USB device none/proc/bus/usb usbfs devmode = 666 0 0 and then you can use the USB device. However, it is not safe to open the read and write permissions of USB devices to all users in some cases. A more secure approach is: add a user group usbfs $ sudo groupadd usbfs to view the gid $ cat/etc/group of the usb fs user group | grep usbfs: x: 1002: add the current user to the usb fs group $ sudo gedit/etc/group and change usbfs: x: 1002: To usbfs: x: 1002: joson to reset permissions for the USB device, edit the/etc/fstab file and add the following two lines, note that your gid may not be 1002 $ sudo gedit/etc/fstab. Add #1002 is the USB group IDI none/proc/bus/usb usbfs devgid = 1002 at the end, devmode = 774 0 0 after restarting, you should be able Use a USB device in the client. Method: After a USB device is inserted, such as a USB flash drive or mouse, right-click the USB icon at the right bottom of the VM and select the recognized USB flash drive. Note: Before using a USB device in the client, uninstall the device on the host. There is another way to disable the keyboard: automatically capture and disable the keyboard, but in this way, the hot key like alt + tab will not be obtained in the VBOX virtual machine. Also, do not forget to install the Virtual Machine toolkit.

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