iphone 5.0 can't send photos and send photos (IOS7)

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Specific cause Analysis

Yesterday was nothing to upgrade their iphone to the iOS7, the results of my micro-letter can not be used, no photos can not be transmitted photos, this is me, and then think about whether iOS7 and micro-letter incompatible, I will try to

IOS7 drop brush results, really is OK, (follow up to see if there will be a better solution)

iOS7 micro-letter can not send photos, can not be transmitted photos, can not use the solution:

The emergence of micro-letter can not send photos, information and other micro-letter cannot be used, it is because iOS7 and micro-letter incompatible with the resulting, the following is small to share with you IOS7 firmware solution, have fruit powder tried this method can solve the incompatibility problem.

We can also try to see, [IOS7 firmware is not compatible with the solution] a small series of jailbreak equipment, please do not upgrade iOS7, please ensure that your device is iOS6.1.3 system, if not, please first brush the system to 6.1.3, otherwise can not activate the upgrade failure problem.

Friendly Tips

Small series of the iphone is a jailbreak mobile phone, if you do not escape to see whether this kind of problem, you can try me here will not try to upgrade some systems too troublesome.

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