iphone headset yellowing solution for iphone headset

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PS with a white towel (paper napkin), with hot water bubble (you can endure the heat, careful scald oh) half wring dry, warm, follow the earphone line clamp a wipe, should line ah, I tried

Action method:

1, the preparation of some hot water, the water temperature to reach their maximum temperature can endure (water temperature not too high, may use a towel hand-held operation can be).

2. Take a towel, soak it with hot water, and then half wring dry, while it is warm, evenly and firmly along the headphone line clamp a wipe.

3, with a white towel (easy to see the extent of the dirty, switch to other colors of the towel can also), with hot water bubble (you can endure the high temperature can), and then a half screw dry, hot, evenly and firmly along the headset line clamp a wipe. There must be a lot of dirty stuff left on the towel, back to look at the previous yellow dirty headphones, suddenly become white as new!

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