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Part One:

This part includes simple market demand, product positioning, user analysis, competitive analysis, main functions, etc.

I. Market demand

A. A wide variety of media and social networks are releasing information on a daily basis and lack the channels to integrate resources

B. Faced with a huge amount of information, users need to take the time to filter out the likes of information and ignore similar information

C. Because of the diversity of social networks, users need to log on to different platforms for information exchange.

D. Fast-paced work and life, users can only use fragments of time to read

E. iphone users desire a minimalist user experience

Second, product positioning

A. Target people with highly educated and high-income iphone users, such as corporate white-collar workers and senior managers

B. Integrate rich media information resources and provide multiple platform login

C. Support personalized customization and intelligent content recommendation

D. Modalities of interaction embodying minimalism

E. Have a sense of quality visual effects

F. Content-oriented immersion reading applications

Note Information:

70.5% of iphone users are aged 18-30 years.

58.6% of iphone users are aged 25-34 years.

55.6% of iphone users have bachelor degree or above

54.1% of iphone users live in cities above the second tier

60.4% of iphone users use the iphone more than once a day

(From Zhongguancun May 2011 published results)

Third, target user analysis

1. Use the scene

2. Scene Features

A. Most of the use of debris time

B. More stable posture in most enclosed spaces

C. Single hand operation mainly, hand operation as a supplement (PS: one hand entrusted to the fuselage, operation counted as a single hands operation)

D. Frequent interruption of operations

3. Crowd characteristics

A. Focus on the user experience, more minimalist

B. Attention to visual effects, like a taste of delicacy

C. Strong learning ability but unwilling to spend time on learning operations

D. Most situations like browsing, the environment is more impetuous

E. Quickly click on the screen, no fun will switch applications

Iv. Analysis of competing products

1. Selection of competing products

The current domestic consulting reading app has a wide variety of different quality, and the more well-known apps are:

Tencent love to see, Flipboard China, NetEase reading, Palm Sina, Zaker, Hong Kong Wen Wei Po, Southern Weekend, extremely read, fresh fruit broadcast.

Finally selected Tencent love to see and Flipboard China as an analytical object.

2. Demand matching Map

3. Interactive mode analysis

Tencent loves to see the main interactive process


* Focus on major tasks, minimalist user experience, and creative interaction (but path also uses shift)

* through "shift" instead of the blunt transition, to achieve information flattening, enhance the sense of control

* Home is the article directory, to meet the "direct operation", users need only one click to enter the text

* The feedback of the operation is timely and logical to follow

* provide "offline download" "Night Mode" "Clean cache" and other functions


* Homepage of the article directory lack of simple content introduction, only topics and pictures

* Users to read an article will be back to the table of contents, can read the next article (users in the browsing directory is impetuous, and read the full text is immersed, should be as much as possible to maintain the user's immersion state)

* When reading the text, you cannot directly view the media that publishes the text, and then add to the essence of love to see

* Reply comments only support Tencent Weibo

Flipboard The main interactive process in China


* Turn calendar effect to form a good metaphor

* Visual effects to attract users, through the "overlap" to make full use of space,

* Search/Setup by way of Drop-down display, avoiding the

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