Is SSD solid-state hard drive larger and faster?

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SSD solid-state hard disk capacity faster?

Theoretically speaking, the larger the solid-state hard disk capacity, the better the IPOs performance, the faster the random read and write speed. In layman's terms, because solid-state drives are made up of multiple storage chips, the larger the capacity, the more chips there are, and the faster each chip reads and writes, but the faster a plurality of chips read and write together.

However, it is worth mentioning that SSD runs and actual use are two different things, SSD solid-state hard disk is not, the higher the volume of experience is more and more excellent, the following we through a group of 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB a variety of capacity, But all of the Samsung 830 series of SSD for random reading and writing and continuous reading and writing speed comparison, the results shown in the following figure.

The graph is a comparison of reading and writing speed of solid state hard disk

As shown in the figure above, of the four-volume version of the Samsung 830-series solid-state drives, in addition to the 64GB capacity of solid-state drives in the reading and writing speed significantly less than the other three, the other three versions of SSD solid-state hard disk read and write speed is not large, so the SSD is not full capacity, the faster the speed, In the 64GB and 128GB SSD, the latter speed is obvious, but more than 128GB capacity SSD, speed difference is small, so generally recommended that you choose 120GB above the best hard drive, in terms of cost-effective, nowadays 120/128GB SSD is the highest price/performance ratio.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the above different capacity SSD is recommended in the same series of SSDs, using the same main control chip, for different brands of solid-state drives, because the main control chip is different, because also can not directly through the capacity to judge the speed of the hard disk is good or bad.

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