Is it better to use Photoshop or Lightroom?

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There are a lot of options for late-stage software, but when it comes to photography enthusiasts, Photoshop and Lightroom are common. From digital photography school statistics, they counted the late-stage software that most readers used in the 2013, with the top two being LR and PS respectively.

Both are commonly used in late-stage software, features on each feature, readers will choose which to become the main post software? The following will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of two software, we can choose according to their own needs.



Pixel-level editing: pixels are the most basic elements that make up a picture. Photoshop can do pixel-level editing, powerful. In addition, in addition to editing existing pictures, users can also use Photoshop to make images, such as adding fonts, vector patterns, and so on.

Layers in Photoshop

Layers: Layer features allow pictures to be either layered or merged into layers for uniform modification. Within the same layer, the user can use the Layer Mask feature to select the part of the application edit.

Actions: You can record a series of editing actions and apply them to different pictures.

A large number of tools: different selection, patching tools, etc., are powerful editing tools.

Selection, tailoring, modification, etc. are common Photoshop tools


Batch processing inconvenient: Photoshop single Picture editing processing function is more powerful, itself is to deal with a single picture and design. Although raw files can be processed using camera raw plug in, the bulk processing capability of Photoshop itself is not powerful.

Difficult to use: powerful, of course, it will take a long time to learn how to use.



Lightroom can import more than one photo at a time and then batch

Batch processing: A large number of photos can be processed at one time.

Built-in RAW processing: Raw files can be processed without additional downloads of other extended software.

Lightroom intuitive interface for processing

Simple to use: very intuitive and simple palette function.

Presets: Similar to "actions", you can record a series of editing actions and apply them to other photos.

Lightroom Powerful Preset Features


No advanced editing Tool: As mentioned above, Lightroom can make basic adjustments to pictures, but lacks the editing tools like Photoshop and pixel level.

No layers: Photos cannot be edited hierarchically, but the brush feature can work with part of the picture.

Can only edit existing photos: Lightroom can only edit, not "from scratch" to make pictures.

The above is the contrast between Photoshop and Lightroom. But I believe readers know that PS can cooperate with camera raw or bridge use, function is very close to Lightroom. And LR has a large number of presets can be downloaded, for not too much time to use late software to process photos of users, very convenient. In addition, Lightroom can connect the camera directly to the computer, and then perform real-time photo previews and edits. Although Photoshop and Lightroom have some overlapping functions, they also have their irreplaceable functions.

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